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Bohemian Like Me: A Guide To Visting Czech Republic

The rich history and culture of the Czech Republic makes it a fantastic location for any traveler wishing to see more of the world. Expect medieval style cities and towns, gothic architecture, gorgeous green areas and penchant for excellent beer. All of which you can find out more about in my post below.

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When visiting the Czech Republic, the city of Prague is a great place to start.

Getting there and away The country known as the Czech Republic is a place bordered by Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary, which means you can choose to fly direct to Prague or travel overland from any of these countries. Something that makes it an excellent destination on a road trip tour of Europe.
It's not too hard to get from one country to another either on the European continent because all the surrounding counties, as well as the Czech Republic, are part of the schengen agreement. What this means is that you can travel easily from one to the other across their borders.�…
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Funding Travel In Your 20s

Is there any greater joy in life than travel? The chance to explore new and exciting destinations, meet new people and experience other cultures can enrich your worldview, as well as make some incredible memories. If you often get travel envy as you scroll through your Instagram feed or flick through Condé Nast Traveller at the dentist’s office, you’re not alone. If you’ve had a taste of travel, your itchy feet can soon become problematic.

Image Credit: Pxhere under Creative Commons
The issue that holds many people back from travelling, of course, is money. Your 20s are the optimal time for you to go travelling, with your career still ahead of you and real life commitments like marriage and family still far away in the distance. However, the pressure to work hard and play hard means that travel dreams can stay just that, dreams, while you struggle to adjust to city living, let alone pack your bags and jet off.
They say that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it, so if it’s …

New York Living: Things To Do In NYC This Fall

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The summer has long been over, the darker nights have rolled in and slowly, but surely the thick scarves make an appearance and gradually even thicker coats. The fall is an exciting time for all the events it brings and the inevitable lead up to Santa hopping down the chimney. To make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun NYC has to offer, be sure to check out the below things to see and do. All are fitting for either meeting up with friends, family or even planning an impressive date.
Catch A Show
What better way is there to spend your time than being bowled over by a new show. If you’re one who loves theatrics, feminism and a feel-good theatre play, try watching the hit show waitress. Featuring a waitress (it’s all in the name) who hopes to break the chains from her loveless marriage and job to start fresh in a new town. All is brought into motion with a pie-making competition, which is understandable because a good pie can motivate us to do most things.
Have A …

How To Get Through A Long Haul Flight

If you are going on holiday soon, you will, no doubt, be feeling incredibly excited about the adventure that lies ahead. However, if you have a long flight to catch, you may be dreading this part. On the way there, it’s not so bad, as you are excited about the holiday that lies ahead. However, on the way back, it is a different scenario, making the boredom even worse. Of course, if you are flying for business purposes and you are not going to have any fun on your trip, the long flight becomes an even bigger thorn in your side. But there are some ways you can overcome it. Read on to discover some tips on how to get through a long haul flight.
Make sure you have plenty of entertainment options - Do not make the mistake of simply relying on the in-flight entertainment system. You may not like the film that is being shown. Instead, make sure your eReader, tablet, smartphone or any other device you use is loaded with content. Moreover, do not make the mistake of downloading lots of mobi…

Buying A Holiday Home The Stress-Less Way

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Most people think that traveling is the best way to escape life’s stresses and strains and monotonous bleeps, but we disagree. The best way to escape these little niggles is to have a holiday home. It’s having that home away from home, one you can make totally and utterly yours. It’s having that little slice of paradise in some faraway hotspot, where you have friends, know the local restaurant owners and know how to make your journey there so hassle-free it puts your morning commute to shame. It’s being able to run off to somewhere totally different and yet perfectly familiar. It’s the ultimate in luxury living.
But for all the blissful living you get to sit back and soak up, there are still some super-duper-important considerations you need to take into account before you pull out your purse, pop your name on the dotted line and snap up a property to use as a holiday home.
That’s why we have pulled together this list. It’s to help you make holiday-home-buying even less …

13 Culinary Cities In Asia You Should Visit

If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, why not embark on a culinary journey and experience the authentic tastes of different countries and cultures this year. There are plenty of hidden gems in Asia you will need to see to believe. Whether you’re keen on street food, or want to learn some traditional recipes, you might start looking for destinations to put on your food map. From real Indian cuisine in the North of the country to tasting rice balls in China, there are plenty of tasty experiences awaiting. If you are undecided which country’s food is your favorite, you can find some tips by reading the below list of culinary cities.
1. Tokyo
Image via Jezael Melgoza
If you are keen on five-star restaurants, you will find plenty in Tokyo, Japan. There are more Michelin Star restaurants in Japan than any other country, and this tells you a lot about the love of food embedded in the culture. From sushi places to modern pork cutlets, you can try some of the best seafood dishes in Tokyo. There is…

Visit These Hidden Gems On Your Texas Road Trip


The largest state in southern America, Texas is a popular destination for those taking their annual summer road trip. With popular sights, such as the Alamo, the Rio Grande, and the Space Center in Houston, there is much to see and do. Yet, there are some hidden gems as well; those places that are not as well known but are still deserving of your time. In this article, we will list a few of them, so if you are building up your savings to head onto the extensive highways of the Lone Star State anytime soon, be sure you add some of these places to your itinerary.
Starting in Austin There is no better place to start than Austin, so book yourself into a decent hotel - we recommend a stay in the Comfort Suites Pflugerville - Austin North - and consider the following places to visit.
A Place To Eat There are loads of options, but on the quirky side of things, we recommend one of the many food trucks. Now, we know what you’re thinking - the food has to be low quality right? Not if you …