Friday, June 16, 2017

Seeing Sights To Behold On Every Vacation

Around the world, there are hundreds of amazing and awe-inspiring sights for you to sink your teeth into. Most people have a bucket list. And, this sort of list is usually filled with these worldly treasures. Unfortunately, though, too few people actually live out their travel dreams. Instead, opting for breaks centered around relaxation. This is a shame, though, because it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of ways to see the parts of the world you’ve always dreamed about. To help you out with this, this post will be going through three of the World’s most spectacular sights. So, you can get started with seeing them.

Gray Concrete Structures Surrounded by Fogs

Imagine spending evenings surrounded by rainforests and mountains. A feeling of nature is in the air and the adventurer's spirit behind you. But, where are you going? The answer is Peru. There are loads of reasons to visit this South American paradise. But, too few people miss out of spectacles like the famous Machu Picchu. Along with places like this, Peru is home to some of the few remaining forests in the world. And, it’s ecosystem can’t be beaten. When you’re looking for somewhere to stay, you don’t have to look far. The country is home to a very nice Marriott hotel, called El Convento Cusco. This gives you a chance to soak up some luxury while also seeing some of the most breathtaking sights in the world.

River Surrounded by Green Trees

Our next location is the biggest river in North America; The Columbia River. For a lot of people, this venue could be right on their doorstep; but, they may have never seen it. But, with a natural wonder like this, you have to make some time to see it at least once in your life. The river cuts through a large part of the continent. But, at it’s largest, you’ll want to visit Oregon. This homely state is home to loads more than just this river, too. For speedy access to the river, booking a room with Comfort Suites Columbia River hotel could be your best option. Like the Marriott in Peru, a lot of people will find the right balance of luxury and adventure when they choose a hotel like this.

architecture, bungalows, daylight

Finally, it’s time to go somewhere a little different. This trip is definitely for the more adventurous out there. Mount Fuji is the largest mountain Japan has to offer. Surrounded by rainforests and lakes, the landscape in this area is stunning. And, when you’re looking for somewhere to stay, the Mount Fuji hotel has you covered. With a bath house supplied by the local hot springs, this venue will satisfy the needs of a lot of people. While in Japan, it’s also worth visiting one of their cities. These places are very different from the West. And, this makes it a very interesting country to see.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what needs to be done to get the ball rolling on your next vacation. Most people don’t end up ticking most of the things on their bucket list. But, you only get one chance to do it. So, it’s worth doing everything you can to see everything you can.

What Not To Wear To A Job Interview


When it comes to job interviews nowadays, wow, the pressure is more intense than ever. Not only do last years figures say that just 2% of applicants get to the interview stage, there are also more candidates applying for each role that we’ve ever seen. What this means is, just one wrong move can completely blow your chances of getting the job you worked so hard to get. This includes wearing the wrong thing.
The worst thing you could find out after not getting the job is that, while your resume and experience were impressive, your appearance cost you the role. That is why we have come up with a list of the worst things you could wear to a job interview.

Badly Fitted Clothes
There are a time and a place to wear oversized and comfortable clothes, such as when you are wondering what to wear on a long distance flight, but not in a job interview. The same with wearing clothes that are too tight or too small. Wearing ill-fitting clothes won’t just look bad, though, it will also affect your confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable then it will project onto how you perform in the interview. We can’t stress this enough; if you have an interview coming up, go and out splash a little on an outfit that fits.
Being Underdressed Is Bad
We get it, every job requires a different outfit. It could be your job interview is a creative digital agency and everyone there wears casual clothes and you want to fit in. Dressing down, however, isn’t worth the risk. By all means, dress how they do once you’ve got the job, but when it comes to the interview itself, it is always worth dressing too smart than it is too casual. Oh and always take the conservative option if you aren’t sure about colors or something.
Too Many Accessories
There is nothing wrong with wearing some understated jewelry. Diamond pendant necklace or stud earrings, the kind of thing you would find on the Whiteflash store here are the sorts of things you can wear because it can add to your style and class and professionalism. But making a statement with your jewelry is a no go; a job interview just isn’t the place to be doing that. You may feel like something is missing from your outfit, but it is better to play it safe than take a risk on something that could go against you.
Items That Distract

This can sometimes be a tough one because you want to stand out from the other people that are interviewing, but you don’t want to do over and end up distracting the interviewer. As such, we urge you to always err on the side of caution. If you were meant to stand out you’d do it with your personality, resume and experience, not with your outfit and like we said earlier, there is nothing worse than knowing you lost the job because your neon high heels and low-cut shirt were distracting. This means toning down your outfits, your makeup, and your colors. Basically nothing too trendy.

Five Ways To Build Up Your Savings

We all want to have some extra money in our accounts for several reasons; we’re saving for something big, we want an emergency fund, or we’re trying to give ourselves a financial safety net in case our circumstances change. There are two ways to go about this; you can work extra hours, take on more assignments, and hope that you’ll get paid enough overtime to give your bank balance a significant boost. Alternatively, you could make some cuts in your spending at home, allowing your income to grow a little more. Here are a few ways you could reduce your bills and build up your savings.
Cut down your energy bills
If your energy bills are the biggest expense in your household, the easiest way to start saving on this is to make your home environmentally friendly.  Start by switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, unplugging all appliances you’re not using, and insulating your home so you don’t need to turn up your thermostat as much. Doing these small things can reduce your energy consumption, saving you money on your bills each month and helping the environment. If you want to do a little more to help your energy bills, you can improve the insulation in your building, and upgrade to double-glazed windows; doing this will reduce the amount of heat that escapes your house by at least 25 percent, which will cut down on your use of the thermostat each winter. Finally, if you have enough in your budget for new appliances, you could shop around for an energy-efficient fridge. Refrigerator technology has made dramatic strides since the 1970s, so you’re actually wasting more money by not buying a new fridge. Any other eco-friendly appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, may seem expensive initially, but it is estimated that you will use a significantly less amount of energy with a green appliance than you will with its predecessor.
Shop smarter
Buying groceries on a budget is a struggle for a lot of people for various reasons. The best thing you can do to keep your food bills low is to find ways to reduce the amount of waste you throw away each week. Fortunately, there are several more ways to reduce your food bill each week, including shopping for cheaper store brands, buying non-perishables items in bulk, or sticking to a shopping list. You can also save money on food by avoiding takeaways, packing a lunch to take to work, or freezing your leftovers to eat them later. Wherever you can, take advantage of special offers, reduced food, or check out Coupon Sherpa - Coupons, Promo Codes & Printable Coupons and print out all the coupons you can find before you go out to the store. The best thing about online coupons is that you can find some for almost any store, so you can treat yourself to a discounted shopping spree on your next payday.
With the price of gas constantly changing, your car is an unpredictable money pit, and that’s before you even factor in the monthly payments, insurance, and unexpected repairs. You can save money and still keep your car by only using it for long trips, such as family vacations. In the meantime, there are plenty of public transport options to suit your lifestyle. Monthly bus passes are more than worth their value if you take the bus to work every day. Carpooling with a colleague splits the cost of gas, and can reduce traffic if enough people get in on the scheme. Finally, if you’re going out for the night and don’t have a volunteer for designated driver, Uber can save you the trouble of standing out in the cold to call a cab.
Cut back on unnecessary luxuries
There are two different kinds of luxuries; there’s the necessary kind, which helps you to relax after work, provides you with an outlet for your stress, and which doesn’t cost too much money so cutting it out won’t make too much of a difference to your budget. Then there’s the unnecessary kind, which costs a lot of money, you barely use, and you might not even miss if you stopped doing it. For example, you might pay around $25 a month for your gym membership because you got a great deal, you wanted to improve your body shape, and it’s the only thing encouraging you to exercise. Unfortunately, if you don’t go to the gym at least three times a week, you’re usually not getting your money’s worth out of the membership. This is especially true when there are so many way to work out for free in the comfort of your home. Magazine subscriptions are another drain on your savings. Try cancelling all your subscriptions and only renew the ones you actually find yourself missing, or just buy the occasional issue when you see it in the stores.
DIY as much as you can
Sometimes the best way to save money is by doing little things by yourself. When things break around the house, try doing your own home repairs; blocked sinks, leaky faucets, and holes in the wall should be easy enough for any novice to handle, but you should remember to call a professional if things appear to be above your level of expertise.
Another form of DIY you can adopt is making home remedies for minor illnesses instead of going to the pharmacist for OTC medication, or save money on expensive cleaning products by simply making your own at home using vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. There are even a few recipes for home beauty products, so you could treat yourself to a spa day at a tiny fraction of the price. Each remedy only requires things you’d put on your grocery list.
Finally, if you’re handy with a needle, or you’re lucky enough to have a sewing machine, you can prolong the life of your wardrobe by repairing your old clothes instead of always buying new ones.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Job In Itself?

The activity of trying to get a job is often referred to as a job in itself. But what does that mean? Well, it means that there is so much work, effort, and emotion involved that it can feel like you are doing two jobs at once! The 9-5 one and a second one trying to get a new position. But while it is tough to get a new role in today's markets, there are somethings that you can do to make it easier. Read on to find out what they are.  


Know what you want
One thing that can definitely make looking for a new job much easier is knowing what you do, and you don't want. While this can sound pretty simple, it can, in fact, be very complicated. This is because you have all sorts of different factors to consider. Factors like ideal wage, working conditions, field of specialty, and levels of autonomy.

Wages are important, of course! As we all primarily work to earn money to live. But work is so much more than that, so your employment choices shouldn't just be based on financial factors like salary and benefits packages, but on other things as well. Remember you spend the majority of your life at work, so you want to be as happy there as possible.

With that in mind, your job search must entail looking at other factors as well. One of which is the level of autonomy you will have in your job.

Some folks prefer to be within a structured system. Where they know who is above and below them, and who they need to report to and impress on a daily basis. For other people being in this sort of system can be a nightmare, as they crave the autonomy to make their own decisions and take responsibility for entire projects.


Another factor to consider in your preferences is the working environments that you would thrive best in. This can make a huge difference to how happy to are in your job and how well you succeed at it.


For example, most folks tend to be either introverted or extroverted in personality. Introverts work better in quiet environments where they can be left alone to get on with things. But if you put an extrovert in this environment they are alike to feel very uncomfortable without regular social interaction to keep them energized.

So you can see that knowing what structure and working conditions you want can very much help you make your job hunt easier. As you can discount the time-consuming application process for roles that you know will not suit you.

Have a great Resume
Obviously having a great resume can help make your job hunt easier as well. This is because when your resume is good, it gets your details in front of more decision makers. Making it more likely you will be given an interview.


But what is a great resume? Well, it's one that is concise. The advice here is to ditch the four pages! It may seem like tough love, but nobody actually cares about that community project you did when you were in school. Unless you are applying for a post directly related to this field.

Make it clear as well, as there are an average of 250 applications for every post that you go for. So if the reviewer has to search for any information that isn't obvious, they are probably just not going to bother, and just skip on to the next person.

Lastly, make sure you check it. There are plenty of grammar and spelling checkers available free on the internet. So you really have no excuse for turning in a resume full of mistakes and errors. Check it before you send it. Else you can wreck your chances before you even have an interview.

Be savvy online
Next, you can make your job search easier by being savvy online. That means using a site like LinkedIn to show your strengths and positive endorsements from other professionals in your field.


It also means that you keep your social media looking as professional as possible. So no picture of drunken nights out, or controversial comments on show.

Get professional help
To make your job search even easier, it's also a good idea to seek professional help. There are plenty of agencies out there that make it their business to match the right client with the right role. After all, if they do a bad job, they don't get their commission do they?

That is why it can be useful to submit your resume to an agency, as they can work on your behalf to present you with jobs that you can apply for.

Partnering with an agency work particularly in your favor because you can learn more about a job you like the sounds of by getting them to go back to their client and get a more detail breakdown of the role’s description.

This can make things much simpler as you can then compare this detailed information to the factors you have set out for your ideal position. Making it easy to see whether it, is in fact, worth your time going through the application and interview process.

Try before you buy
Lastly, another way of making the job application process easier is trying before you buy. This is the idea that you never really know what a job is like until you do it for real.

That means if you can get some volunteer work, or an internship in the field that you want to be in, you will get a true taste as to whether the role will suit you. Or whether it's actually the idea that appeals more that the reality. Something that can actually happen quite a lot.

Also by doing unpaid work in your field of choice, not only do you get valuable experience that shows you're committed, and that you can add to your resume. But you can also make important connections. Allowing you to network, making it a lot easier to find a role when you are ready to commit to full-time work.

 This is a contributed post.