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The Sporting Events Around the World You Should Definitely Try to Experience

There’s something wonderful about watching big sporting events live in person. You get to see the action unfold in front of your eyes and feel the excitement that comes with the occasion. But which sporting events around the world should you experience ahead of the others? That’s what we’re going to provide some answers to right now. So read on to find out which live events are best for spectators.
The NBA Finals Going to a regular season NBA game can be fun, but nothing’s better than heading to a finals match when the stakes are really high and the result really matters. The Championship Final is obviously the best finals game to attend, but if you can’t get to that, each of the conference finals are great as well. There are plenty of games that take place in the postseason playoff finals, so take your pick.

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Final Day at the Masters The final day at the Masters is where it all comes to a head and you find out who will reign supreme. Anyone who has even the faintest interes…
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Boosting Your Blog Presence With Videos

If you’re a blogger, you are probably familiar with metrics such as web traffic and time spent on page as a mean to measure your success and popularity. For a lot of blog writers, Google Analytics has become a close friend that is checked on a daily basis in order to figure out the readership of each post. However, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve spent preparing the last post and research your keywords; it isn’t always enough to boost your blog’s popularity. Have you considered the possibility of giving your audience a different blogging format to engage with? Instead, more and more online users choose to engage with video posts instead of text. Here’s how to offer a vlogging experience to your audience.
Can you add vlogging to your blog?

Learn from the best You can’t vlog if you’ve never observed what professional and successful vloggers do. Take Zoella as an example. She’s incredibly popular  – so much in fact that you can find her wax effigy at Madame Tussauds – and she’s develo…

The Essentials You Need Behind You To Let Your Blogger's Voice Flourish

It’s one of those terms that every creative has heard at one time or another, finding your voice. It’s a difficult concept. Sometimes we can spend years trying to find the one thing that we can talk about at length or the one passion that has escaped us all this time, apart from blogging, of course. But while writers talk about the graft of creation, the craft of gathering thoughts, what do you need behind you to ensure that you are in a suitable space (physically or mentally) in which to blog your heart out?
The Financial Comfort Some would argue that this is irrelevant, but when it comes to running a successful blogging business, you can’t be expected to write about living the high life when you have barely the bus fare to get home? Granted, there are those who need the fuel of poverty to motivate them, but when you’re running a business where the content needs to come thick and fast, this isn’t a realistic approach to take for every single blog. If you find yourself consumed…

Foodies Unite! The Best Global Destinations For Amazing Food

There is plenty that you might be keen on getting out of your travels. You might be interested in seeing cultures and how they differ, or maybe you have a soft spot for a particular people. Something that most people would agree on is that, wherever you go, hat you eat is always going to be a huge part of the experience. But for some, the food is more than that - it’s the whole point. If you are a real food lover and you are keen to experience some of the best in the world, then you might want to take a look at the following. Here are some of the world’s best locations for amazing food, including a few which you might never have considered or even heard of.

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Jakarta This bustling and highly modernized city in Indonesia has plenty going for it, good and bad. But something that must be said for it is that it has one of the best foodie palettes that you will find anywhere in the world. Once you look past the truly bustling and bust nature of this metropolis, you start to find a …

The Power of Finding a Niche

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The majority of bloggers have heard the wonders of niche marketing being shouted from the rooftops, but perhaps, due to the fear of limiting the size of their market have opted to play it safe with more generalist positioning to ensure they don’t exclude key market segments.  This article explores the power of niche marketing for bloggers as an alternative to being a more generalist blogger.
WHAT IS A NICHE? A niche is a focused subset of a particular market group.  There are millions of “mompreneur”, “home sweet home” and “travel” blogs out there - all craving for the world’s attention, yet when you think about the blogs that you’re truly engaged with and loyal to they probably hold your interest and loyalty due to being particularly relevant to you, and within this theme of relevancy, they are helping you solve a particular challenge or stimulating a specific interest within you.
Now, let’s look at it slightly differently - as a product category; if you were to think abo…

Urban Chameleon: Streetwear Style That Births Confidence

No one can really pin down where the modern version of b-bop style comes from, but streetwear looks like it's here to stay. It's essentially coming out of the urban scene because originally it was born out of the hip-hop scene merging with the hipster culture. Practical yet cool and relevant to music, art and city nightlife, streetwear can be worn by almost anyone. The style is formless, which is why so many students who don’t have a lot of cash to splash out on fashion items, have taken to the style like a duck to water. However, the icons that have made this genre famous can be deemed one or two generations above them. If you can’t find a particular style that suits you and you’re the type of man who is lacking a little confidence, don’t worry any longer. The reason why anyone can pull off this urban look is because it's a formless style, without rules and strict codes or traditions. Almost anything can be mixed into it, giving you a chance to add your spin on things.


Alternative Getaways For 2018

Going away for a much-needed break might be on the minds of a lot of these days. Especially with the dull and grey of January and the post festive blues. So I thought I would share with you some different ideals to get you feeling inspired for your travel plans this year.

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A sports style holiday For the sport enthusiasts there is no better way of enjoying a holiday that involving your favourite recreational activities. Giving you the chance to experience different sports in different locations and climates. From watersports to something where you are on dry land. The sports style holiday suits everyone. From a boys weekend away, a trip with friends, or even something for the family. You could even enjoy this style of holiday as a couple if that suited you. There is something for everyone.
Something for the active amongst us Maybe you love to be active. Perhaps doing something, playing a sport or just being outdoors. Then why not consider a different vacation style that su…