Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Social Solutions For The Fitness Fanatic

Are you so fed up of turning down an invitation to go out with your family and friends because you have an early morning run or workout to do? Are you sick to death up of passing up wild nights out because you need to keep a clear head and your motivation for the next day? Well if so, look no further because you can have a social life and be successful with your fitness goals. Read on to find out how.

Meal at a restaurant
Restaurants are a great social solution for a fitness fanatic, as long as it is booked for a reasonable time. Stay away from booking later than 8.30pm as it is going to be a tight squeeze to get back home and into bed for a good night's sleep before your workout.

A real benefit of going out for a meal at a restaurant is that you can easily drive so no one with think anything of your not drinking. In fact, earn brownie points will be all your friends and volunteer to be the designated driver. This will also help you stay in control of the time it ends as well.

If it is the food choices that can affect your fitness goals that are stressing you out, then you can pick something more healthy off of the menu. Ask your server for your meat and vegetable to be steamed not fried in butter. Or, just go for the main of your choice and a bite of dessert then you won't feel like you are missing out too much.

Date night
Now there is no reason to miss date night if you are fanatical about fitness. A good way of doing this is organizing it for the evening before your rest day. Then you have nothing to get up for so you can have a drink or two of you'd like.

Or, how about taking in a movie instead? You can pick one that doesn't finish late, plus there is no pressure to drink to put you off your diet goals. The same goes for bowling a few games at the local alley or taking in some culture by seeing play.

Remember it is important to keep the romance alive in your relationship. So you should definitely not let your fitness regime be an excuse to let your date nights wane.


Of course, if you are both hardcore fitness fanatics you may want to head to the gym together. Then you are hitting two birds with one stone!

Club night
Now, club nights might pose a bit more of a problem for the fitness fanatic. Mostly because they often include alcohol and you can end up getting home in the early morning. So, if you are super committed to your fitness goals, you might want to think twice about heading to the club.

Or if you simply must go, order diet mixers in your drinks. Stay well hydrated by drinking lot of bottled water, and dance your socks off instead of working out the next day! Sometimes a girl's just gotta to have some fun right?

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Birthday Party: Entertaining Ideas

Have you got a birthday coming up and need help with choosing entertaining ideas? Here are some of the coolest things to bring to the party!

Punchbowl Cocktail
Impress your friends by making your own cocktail punch! First chose the most beautiful bowl you can get your hands on, (feel free to get creative with shapes and sizes.) Once you've got your bowl decide on what kind of cocktail you'd like to make, maybe it'll be a Cosmo or a Pina Colada, or perhaps a Strawberry Mojito. Choose whatever you like the most but make sure it has a great colour to it. That way it'll make the overall piece look very appealing.

Make a playlist with some of your favourite music beforehand, so you're not having to keep cutting the music to flick through songs. Ask your guest to do the same; then you'll have a variety of different music throughout the night.
If you're feeling extra flashy, why not hire a DJ? But make sure you choose someone who plays your style of music. It'd be a nightmare if you expected to listen to reggae all night, but the DJ was a hardcore metal mixer...

Make a costume theme! Most people love to dress up for something, so choosing a theme will make everyone have to think, and come out of their shell a little. Whether you go for a 'Hero' theme or an '80s' theme,  it's sure to be a fun night.

Temp Tattoos
Remember those temporary tattoos that used to be in chewing gum packets or cereal boxes? Why not fill a bowl up full of them and have a moment in the night where everyone has to close their eyes and pull out a tattoo. It's silly and will certainly, break the ice. You won't be able to control your laughter when you see Brian from work walking around with an 'I Love Mommy' tattoo on his arm!

Photo Booth
Why not take a leaf out of the celebrity book and rent out a photo booth? Not only will everyone think you're the boss, you'll get great memories to keep! There are many different shops that supply these, if you are around Florida, look at photo booth rental. They provide a whole lot of different services to give you the party of the year.

It's not a real party without dancing! Move your tables and chairs out of the way to create a big enough space to dance in. Otherwise, it'll get too crowded, and things will most likely get broken. Put the music on blast, and dance the night away with your friends.

Party Games
There is an endless list of party games out there, such as 'The Name Game,' the 'Laughing Game' and 'React and Act.' Have a look online for a whole bunch of others and make a quick list so you have some ready on the night. Ask your guests if they know any too.


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Tips For Staying Fit & Healthy On A Road Trip

So you’re planning a road trip, and you’re excited to get going and hit the road. But there’s a lot to plan and think about before you get ahead of yourself. You’ve got your packing list ready, and you may even have your bags waiting by the door, but there’s more to planning a road trip that where to go and what to take with you.

When you’re spending a significant amount of time on the road and cramped up in a car, you want to think about how you’re going to care for your health beforehand. Yes, you’ll want to make sure you have a first-aid kit and plenty of food with you, but here are some tips on areas that you may not have thought about just yet.

Stay Hydrated

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated in life, let alone on a trip, but it might not be something you think about when you think of a road trip. Flying is the mode of travel that we usually associate with dehydration, but it can happen in a car too. In your everyday life, you might take regular tea breaks, or carry a water bottle around with you, but it’s easy to forget that when you’re on vacation. So stop up on water and try to drink as often as you would on an average day.

Keep Moving

Depending on where you’re heading and how long you’re planning on being in the car, you could be cooped up for hours on end. Not only can you get restless, but you can also suffer from problems in your blood flow if you don’t keep as active as you can. Do calf exercises and stretch every few hours. Better yet - try to get out of the car and move around whenever the opportunity arises.

Sit Comfortably

Just like you can get problems from sitting still for too long, you can get them from sitting the wrong way too. If you’re slouching or fall asleep sat in the car, you can start to cause all kinds of problems for your muscles. Bad posture has a lot to answer for in life, as well as when we travel. But, if you learn how to maintain proper posture while you’re driving or a passenger in the car, you’ll erase the problems before they can begin.

Get Oxygen

Obviously, oxygen is vital for us to live, but we’re not talking about running out of it here. It’s more about getting enough high-quality oxygen and letting yourself breathe. By obtaining enough fresh air on your road trip, you’ll be helping your skin care routine by keeping your skin clean and beat the risk of getting sick while staying stuffed up.

Take Regular Breaks

If you’re driving a long distance or for extended periods of time, it’s vital that you take regular breaks. Trying to drive too much will mean that you get tired and tiredness can kill. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re eating well and of course, you’re probably going to want to relieve yourself from time to time too - so it’s the perfect excuse. After, a road trip is meant for stopping and seeing the sights.

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How To Become The Proud Owner Of A French Bulldog

Voted in 2014 the fourth most popular dog in the UK, French Bulldogs are a breed that is full of surprises! Why? Because Frenchies don’t only look good as a statement fashion accessory, they are also absolutely amazing! Here’s our little guide to know more about this fashionable cuties.

Image by Flickr (https://flic.kr/p/AsqP6Z )
First A Little Bit Of History About Frenchies
If you wish to impress your friends, knowing more about your favourite dog is an excellent way to start. First of all, you’ll be surprised to find out that the origin of the French Bulldog breed is the result of a cross between bulldogs from England and small breeds of dogs, mostly terriers, from France. You could say that the Frenchies could have just as well been called the British. Yet, if we are completely honest, history doesn’t matter: The cuteness overload wins every single time!

How To Pick Your Beloved Puppy


Before you even decide on a specific puppy, there are a few rules to keep in the back of your mind. First of all, never ever, we insist on that, never choose a puppy that is not AKC-registered. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and money in the long term by choosing carefully the right breeder, this means someone who knows the background of your puppy’s parents and has invested a lot of care and planning into breeding. You will easily make the difference at first sight between a backyard puppy broker and a reputable breeder.
Image by Google (https://goo.gl/images/72BLST )

Similarly, the breeder will be keen to find out more about you, as they want to make sure that their puppy will be well looked after. Once you’ve found the right breeder, picking your puppy is a matter that we leave to these little cuties. The first one who melts your heart wins! One last piece of advice: Never choose a puppy without seeing it with its mother. This is a strong indicator of your Frenchy’s temperament.

The Essentials For Your French Bulldog

Once you have set your heart on a puppy, it is important to have already purchased some items before you welcome your new friend home. French Bulldogs, like any dog, will need to feel from the start that your home is theirs and that they are cared for and wanted. This starts by having everything your dog needs. On top of the list of recommendations, you need to buy a comfortable dog bed. Frenchies have a tendency to suffer from joint pain after an energetic play or walk, so you want to make sure that your puppy has somewhere to rest. This may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but you can find some interesting discounts online, such as 10% off dog beds to ease your finances.
Additionally, you will need an adjustable harness to take your cutie for a walk. French Bulldogs have a strong and sturdy body despite their small size, so there is no way you will be able to contain its enthusiasm effectively with a collar!
Finally, last but not least, Frenchies are small dogs that can sneak almost anywhere. So make sure that you cut dangerous areas off with doggy gates. These areas can include places where you keep household chemicals, access to your DIY shelves with sharp and harmful tools, and the baby’s bedroom while your puppy is still young and untrained.

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