Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Results Are In! Dog DNA Tests

Last year, Tim was determined to get our dogs DNA Tested. They are all rescues, and the girls are such odd sizes for their looks that we really had no clue what breeds they could possibly be. The tests were simple spit swab tests and we got the results back in a few weeks! Here's what we found...

Bear Lee

We got Bear from the local Humane Society when he was about one and a half. He's now four and weighs 80 pounds. As soon as we saw him, we put him on hold, knowing he would go fast. His paperwork said he was a stray, but he was already potty-trained and knew how to sit, so I believe he was owned at some point before we got him.

We didn't really need to test Bear. Just by looking at him it's pretty obvious. But Tim is nothing if not thorough, so Bear tested too. And SHOCKING....

Results: Rottweiler

He also included about 5% Alaskan Malamute which is strange considering he's petite for a Rottie. Bear is goofy, cuddly, attentive, needy, and loyal. He's definitely the strong/silent type, and a big baby at heart.

Piper Jane

Pipe was our first pup and she's from the same Humane Society as Bear. We got her at about 7 months old and she was an owner surrender - they claimed she was too hyper. She is now three and a half and about 30 pounds. She was also potty-trained and knew simple commands.

When we got Piper, she was listed as a German Shepherd/Miniature Pinscher mix. What a combination, right? So we've been eager to see what she really was!

Results: German Shepherd / Rat Terrier

Just like the others, she had small percentages of other random breeds, but these were her two main results. It definitely makes sense, but still the size difference of those breeds alarms me! She definitely hast the "eyebrows" of the terrier and she has a double coat like a shepherd.

Piper is energetic, loving, and has no sense of personal space. She's always running around with a toy in her mouth or finding the softest blanket and curling up with it.

Lennox Flour

Lennox was our little accident. We were totally fine with two dogs and then we saw this floppy puppy and had a moment of weakness. Lennie is from a nearby town's shelter who was doing an adoption event at our Petsmart. She was a couple months old when we got her and she's now one. She weighs about 50 pounds. She was the cutest puppy ever, but the potty-training process has turned me off from wanting to get puppies again in the future. Rescuing adult dogs is more for me!

When Lennox was a puppy we initially thought she was a German Shepherd mix of some kind. But after comparing her pictures to some online, we knew that wasn't right. And now she's a medium size dog with such thick, long fur and a really curly tail (you can't tell in the photos but when she stands it makes a complete circle).

Results: Norwegian Elkhound / Akita

I don't know about you but I had never heard of a Norwegian Elkhound. So, of course, we Google it immediately and WOW. That's definitely her. Or the closest we've ever come! 

Lennox is our calm child. I call her a 'space cadet' because she doesn't seem to always be with it. She's just laid back and carefree, not needing too much attention. But.. she is psycho about food. If there's one thing that gets Lennox up and focused, it's food.

So, there you have it! We've finally learned a bit more about our pound puppies! It was so exciting to discover their breeds so we can do more research and see if their personalities match the breed traits. Sometimes they do (Elkhounds are very vocal during play - definitely Lennox), sometimes they don't (Rottweilers love the cold/snow/baths - definitely NOT Bear). 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Give Your Dog All The Love He Deserves

Dogs aren’t just pets, ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you that their pooch is a bonafide member of the family. If you choose to get a dog, you’re making the decision to include your new fur baby in your family for the next 10 to 20 years. You know that saying, ‘A dog’s for life, not just for Christmas’, well it’s so true.

Any dog owner will tell you that dogs create incredible bonds with their humans, loving them unconditionally no matter what. Your dog knows when you’re sad, when you’re happy and when you need a cuddle, and does everything that he can to give you what you need. And as a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to do the same for him. Far too many people adopt a dog when they don’t have the time or love for it. If you’re going to add a pooch to your pack, you need to ensure that you can give him all the love he deserves.

As a pet owner, what should you be doing? (Aka, what does it mean to be a loving and kind pet mommy?)

Feed him good-quality food
It’s not enough to feed your dog every day; you need to feed him good-quality food. Think of it this way, you probably buy your family a range of nutritious foods, and always ensure that you’re getting everything you need. Well, it’s the same when it comes to your dog, he deserves the best food. Not all dog foods are born equal and it’s important to realize that. If you want a healthy, happy dog, it’s crucial that you buy him good-quality food. He’ll be better behaved, healthier, and live longer because of it. To find out what the best food is for him, ask your vet for advice.

Give him lots of love

Adopting a dog is like adding a child to your family; they’re needy and require lots of love and attention. Just like humans, dogs are social creatures who crave affection, which means that they need lots of cuddles each day. If you want a dog that’s happy and lovable, you need to give him attention, love and cuddles every single day.

Let him get the exercise he needs
Dogs need to exercise, else they gain weight, lose muscle and become hyper. Of course, how often your dog will need to be walked will depend on the breed that he is, but as a rule of thumb, two to three walks a day is what vets recommend. If you’re going to be out at work all day, it’s important that you work out a way for your pooch to get some exercise. Perhaps you could ask a friend or relative to pop in and walk him? Or maybe, you could contact A Leg Up and use their dog walking services, or another local dog walker. It might cost you, but if you care about your pup, you’ll make sure that he gets all the exercise that he needs.

Ensure he’s got toys to play with and isn’t bored
Dogs get bored easily, especially young dogs. A dog that’s bored can become destructive and aggressive. That's why it’s important to provide your pooch with plenty of toys to keep him occupied. A mixture of balls, soft toys, chew toys, and treat toys are recommended by vets, so make sure your dog has, at least, one of each of these kinds of toy.
If you’re going to adopt a dog, you need to ensure that you can give him all the love and affection that he needs.

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Create a Relaxing Blogging Space for Yourself

Any blogger knows that you need some peace and quiet if you want to get some work done. You might enjoy listening to music or even blogging in front of the TV. But if you want to get down to it and be productive, you need somewhere that helps you out. Creating a calming atmosphere without distractions is just what you need to do. If you treat your blogging seriously, you surely want a place where you can knuckle down and get some work down. You might think you have nowhere to go, but you can set up a blogging space even in the busiest of homes. Try these ideas to carve out a space for yourself.

Create a Quiet Home Office
Most bloggers think about setting up a home office somewhere in their home first. However, you might believe that there isn't anywhere you can have an office. You don't need a spare room to work in, though. All you need is a bit of space in the house for a desk and chair. Depending on your working style, you might not need any more than a small table for your laptop and a chair to sit at it. That's only a couple of square foot in the corner of a room somewhere. Get imaginative with where you can set up. If you want some more privacy, you can try using a screen to separate yourself from the rest of the room.

Set Up an Outdoor Space
You don't have to be inside to have a relaxing place to sit. In fact, being outside can be inspiring. Of course, you might not be able to be outside all the time. In some places, it will be too cold in winter. But you still might be able to use your outdoor space for much of the year. You can get some furniture to set up an outdoor office, and create a private corner in your yard. Install a pond and buy koi fish to go in it to help you relax and feel inspired. You could put in some tall plants to create more privacy too.

Use a Shed, Garage or Other Outbuilding
If you need to get out of the house but don't want to be exposed to the elements, you can use an external building. Several writers famously wrote or write in their sheds, including Roald Dahl. You could set up your garage as a blogging space or use another building separate from your home. Some people might have a small den or cabin; others may have a trailer or camper they can settle into.

Leave the House
Can't get any work done at home? You should consider finding somewhere else to work. One option is to find a café or other establishment with free WiFi. But keep in mind that it could be busy. Libraries can be useful options if they have wireless internet connections or computer terminals. You can also try hiring a desk in a coworking space. They can be excellent value and give you the space you need to get your work done.

Don't let a lack of space prevent you from blogging. If you need somewhere to work, you have several options to create an inspiring space.

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Career Priorities For The Modern Woman

Nowadays, women enjoy far greater opportunities than any other generation. As a result, enjoying a satisfying career has become a vital life goal for millions of females across the globe.
To see the very best results, a woman must have a winning plan of action. Having those priorities in order forms the first major step en route to a long and successful career in the world of business. In addition to the direct benefits in business, those rewards will also lend themselves to personal goals too. That should be a major incentive for all women to follow a winning blueprint at all times.
Here are the items that should rank top of that to-do list.