Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Week and Counting

I'm leaving for France in exactly ONE week. Can we all just soak that in for a moment? .....

Holy. Crap.

I just got back from Lexington yesterday and I already miss everyone. It hasn't really hit me that I'm not going to see them for a long time since I'm still home. Once I'm in the airport, though, I'm sure it'll be a different story. I'm glad I got to party and go to Waffle House with Nick and everyone before I left! Miss you guys! Don't have too much fun without me! :)

So now it's Tuesday morning and I'm laying on the parents' couch taking care of a bunch of stuff. We just got pictures of the apartment that Karen and I are going to be living in. Not exactly the Hilton but I'm never one to be picky ;) There is a living room, kitchen, one bathroom, and then up stairs there are 2 rooms. One with a full bed and one with 2 twins. They have skylights in them so that's pretty cool. Once I get there I will take better pictures and post them.

I also just ordered a train pass that will give us 10 days of traveling to Paris, Italy, Greece, Germany, and Austria. I just talked to a guy on Facebook who is a friend of a friend who also studied in Dijon at the same school. He went on about how awesome it was and how it was the best experience of his life! So that's definitely good to hear! (He also gave me a list of the best bars in town :) What a great resource! I'll be keeping in contact with him!

Being the organization freak that I am, I'm now composing a word document of all the informative emails/links/documents that we have received so I can print (a hard copy) of the entire thing and bring it with me. I'll send it to the others too so they can laugh at my compulsiveness.

When Daddy gets home tonight he is going to explain to me how the adapters/converters work that he bought for me to take. This is fairly important seeing as I have to make sure my straightener and curling iron work abroad. Making a mental note to pay attention to that discussion. I also got the cell phone that I will be using over there. It's a lil nugget! I got a money pouch, too, that I wear around my waist under my clothes, apparently so no one tries to mug me.

As expected Mom told me I'm basically on house arrest for the remaining time because I have to spend every waking hour getting ready for France. Some things never change. Hopefully I can go to the WEBN fireworks on Sunday. That seems an appropriate send off. I'm also going to the Rascal Flatts concert on Friday with Karen! So that will no doubt be amazing.

Might be hard to believe but Mother is hollering at me from upstairs to do some chores or something (what else is new). So that is all for now! More later on!!

Au Revoir!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Testing 123

I've never blogged before so this is a test to see what the heck I'm doing! It's about 2 weeks before I leave for France (Sept 2nd) and I'm a bundle of excitement, anxiety, and nerves. Maybe when I find out where exactly our home will be I'll be less freaked out! I'm worried about fitting all my clothes in only 2 suitcases and going 3 months without texting! The world is harsh. Everyone's favorite new phrase is "OMG you're going to have a blast!" So they all better be right! At least I have Karen to calm me down when I start stressing over details. Something tells me she and the "let-take-a-month-vacation" French natives will get along just fine :)
I'm going to Lexington this weekend to say bye to all my friends :( I'm going to miss them all so much! It's going to be so weird not seeing them and Nicky for over 3 months! I hope they survive :) Well I guess I should get back to work!
The countdown begins... 15 days.