Monday, August 18, 2008

Testing 123

I've never blogged before so this is a test to see what the heck I'm doing! It's about 2 weeks before I leave for France (Sept 2nd) and I'm a bundle of excitement, anxiety, and nerves. Maybe when I find out where exactly our home will be I'll be less freaked out! I'm worried about fitting all my clothes in only 2 suitcases and going 3 months without texting! The world is harsh. Everyone's favorite new phrase is "OMG you're going to have a blast!" So they all better be right! At least I have Karen to calm me down when I start stressing over details. Something tells me she and the "let-take-a-month-vacation" French natives will get along just fine :)
I'm going to Lexington this weekend to say bye to all my friends :( I'm going to miss them all so much! It's going to be so weird not seeing them and Nicky for over 3 months! I hope they survive :) Well I guess I should get back to work!
The countdown begins... 15 days.

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