Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Week of Classes

PICTURES: (all random buildings of our school)

So its Thursday September 18th and I just completed the first week of classes. The french school system is a lot different than ours. They have classes for long periods of time and then random days off the rest of the week. We started on Tuesday at 9:45 am with Business systems for 3 hours. Then we had another class for 3 hours. I liked both of our teachers but sitting on hard chairs for that long was painful, not to mention really boring. The classes don't seem too hard, especially considering that most of the people in the class (including the professor) speak English as a SECOND language. Our first teacher told the Americans not to use our extended vocabulary because the rest of the class won't understand HAHA. So far we don't have exams in the classes we've been to. Actually we don't have tests either, just homework assignments, some quizes, and group projects.

We were off on Wednesday. Today we had the ONE class from 8:00am-1:00pm. I woke up dreading it, thinking it was going to be as boring as the others. Luckily it was International Marketing and it was in a computer lab with cushioned chairs! The professor seems really laid back and cool. He didn't talk about the course, syllabus, or anything like that. He just said "OK pick something you miss from home and make a powerpoint presentation on how you would market it in Europe." So I spent the whole time marketing Velveeta shells and cheese (what else?). He came by and saw mine and liked it so I'm good. It only took us like 20 minutes to do the whole thing so they rest felt like free time. The best part was when our professor said, and I quote, "Marketing is ALL about making money. Everything else is bullshit. Marketing is all about making a lot of money." I knew this was the major for me :)

All the professors seem pretty strict about attendance and being on time. The funny part is all the international students seem to be on time while the FRENCH students are the late ones. Ironic. I'm glad they have a school website, email, and class website just like we have at home. The professors put assignments, readings, etc. on it and it makes it a lot easier. The only bad thing is when we use the computers at the school (like for maketing class) the keyboard is ALL jacked up! It's like someone took an American keyboard and shook it like Boogle! The letters are all over the place (Q and A are switched, M is way out in right field). There are crazy symbols and you have to use SHIFT just to get a PERIOD! Talk about ridiculous. Karen, Scott, and I looked like my mom trying to type all during class, using two fingers and poking at it HAHA.

Tonight we are going to Le Chat Noir (the big club). The school organized it so its only 3Euros to get in. Its so weird that our SCHOOL promotes going to clubs and drinking on school nights. That would never happen in America. They even serve us wine.. that's just weird. Tomorrow we have no classes! WOOT!

Karen and I tentatively wrote in our planners places to visit on certain weekends based on our schedule. We are going to start planning them ASAP so we can get in as much as possible. So far we are considering Paris, the south of France (get some beaches in), Germany, Vienna, Prague, and Italy (Florence, Rome, and Milan). Hopefully we can get as much of those as possible. Mary and Melissa also plan on visiting so that will be great to see them!

This weekend we are going to Versailles with the school! I'm so excited! That was the one place I wanted to see in France more than anything else. We get to tour the Chataeu and the gardens on Saturday and then on Sunday we get to visit an amusement park. It should be awesome! I'll put pictures up when I get back.

Random News:
1.I finally got a local French phone. Now I can text all my friends here for cheap.
2.The front desk lady told us we had a noise complaint on a night we weren't even HERE. It had to be the Solvenian boys. They are SO annoying and obnoxious. We don't like them anymore.

3. I watched a soccer game on TV. I actually started CHEERING (Yea, I'm THAT sports deprived). I think the score was something like 2-0 (shocker).
4. Karen and I worked out yesterday. We did some legs, butt, and ab exercises. I'm REALLY sore today. It's been a while haha.
5. My straightener doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!! It's seriously a tragedy! I guess I have to buy a new one here. UGH! Sorry Daddy it's a necessity.
6. It's really cold here, basically already winter weather. It's about 60 degrees all day.

That's all folks!


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