Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh The Joys of France

WOW!! So much has happened that I don't even know where to start! It's Friday evening right now, about 6:52pm France time. Or as they would write it, 18:52. Yea, they go by military time. LAME! So the plane ride here sucked. It was SOOO long and there was a baby screaming in the row next to me the entire time. I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep so I was up for over 36 hours around Tuesday/Wednesday. I feel like I've been here for a week because so much has happened and I've been so busy!

I guess I'll start from the beginning. After I got off the plane Scott and I were trying to find eachother. We need to work on communication because we thought we were in the same building but we were like 5 buildings apart. So I took the shuttle to his terminal. Seeing a familiar face after 24 hours by myself was definitely refreshing. Karen was on the opposite side of the aiport too, so after I tracked her down we went and found our bus that would take us to the train. The bus driver was chatting with a friend for a while and there was traffic so as we RAN to our train we watched it leave the station! We missed our freakin train! Not to mention I'm trying to RUN down the street and up STAIRS with two 50 pounds suitcases, a backpack, a computer bag, and a purse. It was horrible. I'm no where near strong enough to handle both bags at the same time. Thank God for Scott! He's been lifting my suitcases on trains, busses, up and down stairs.

So since we missed our train and for some reason our ticket WASN'T allowed to be exchanged, we had to buy a new one for 50 Euros (about $75). I know. I was pissed. At this time it was about 5:00pm on Wednesday and I had been awake/traveling since 6:00am Tuesday morning. Finally we took the train to Dijon where we met some girls from the school who drove us to our apartment.

So the apartment. Yea. It was kind of cute I guess, and perhaps acceptable for gross college boys but not for me haha. Allow me to list the things wrong with the apartment:
>dust on all the floors and tables
>stains and dirt on all the furniture/sheets
>other people's possesions there (books, clothes, boxes, mail, shaving gel)
>a parking cone in the closet
>bathroom wall falling apart
>drawer handles missing
>fridge didn't work
>all outlets didn't work
>no internet
We all decided to make the best of it cause it was all we had. So after going to a nearby pizzeria for food we went right to sleep. In the morning we had to go to orientation so we rode the bus to school. The school is really cute, but small. It's only about 6 buildings with 1,400 students (Compared to 30,000 at UK). When we walked in the big glass foyer all of the international students were wandering around. We have a bunch of friends already! The Irish people are really cool. I love the accents! And the stereotype about being big drinkers is definitely true! We partied with them last night. But anyways we also made friends with a girl from Oklahoma, one from Canada, and boys from England and Czech Republic.

Anyways, we met with the advisor's assistant to get help with all the stuff we needed for the apartment. She was about ZERO help. She just told us to walk to the electricity place which was closed. On our way back we saw this hotel that some other people said they were staying at. So we went in and it turned out we could get a huge room and stay all semester. So we have 3 beds, a kitchen, and bathroom. Being the intelligent people that we are, we rearranged all the furniture to turn it into 2 bedrooms and a dinning room. We're awesome! We have free internet and electricity, and we get clean sheets and towels every week. It's also located right in the middle of the town and about a 7 minute walk to school! It's SO much better. I feel so relieved that we aren't in the other place. OH! And guess what's RIGHT next door?!?!?!? H&M!!!!!!!!!! What are the odds of that! Must be fate! Our advisor lady was pretty mad that we switched (for no reason) but we got it all worked out and we are all so much happier!

(I know this is really long.. Sorry!)

Now on to the important issues... We can drink over here! It somewhat takes away from the excitement that they don't card you and they would probably serve 12 year olds. They don't really care haha. We saw old men drinking wine with lunch around noon today. Last night we went to a salsa bar nearby. It was cool, everyone was dancing, well maybe not what we would call dancing, but moving to the music in some fashion. We got lost on the way home. We walked in circles for about in hour before just gong back to the club and having them call us a taxi.

Today we just had a meeting with an advisor to pick what classes we wanted. Apparently the times of them change weekly so we never really know when we are going to have them. If you miss ONE class you have to take the make up exams in May. Seeing as I won't BE here for that I can't miss a class. That SUCKS.

I'll write more tomorrow about what it's like living somewhere that doesn't speak Kali. I don't like when people around me can't understand the important things I have to say :)

We are going out now so I'll write more later!!!


PICTURES: (in order from top to bottom)
-Our new place!! (messy I know) Karen and Christie in the picture
-Our nasty old apartment
-Bathroom in our new place. We added the shower curtain!
-Karen, Scott, and I before going out
-The outside of our hotel
-What you see when you enter the school. Its the original wall from 1900
-Picture from the plane (duh)

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