Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Week of Relaxation

PICTURES: (from top to bottom)
-me in the entrance to the Palais de ducs (town hall welcome)
-most famous Chateau in Burgundy
-a close up of the billions of grapes we saw on our tour
-the mini Arc de Triomph in Dijon
-the flea market down the street
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So the week of fun before school starts is coming to an end. I am happy because school will give me something to do all day and not make me feel totally worthless. However, I can't help being sad because it means my dream life of sleep, fun, and no worries is over. Oh well. Nothing that good can last long.

For the past week I have not woken up before 1:00 pm. I do nothing all day, unless I feel like going shopping or leaving the room to eat. Around 8 or 9 we all start to ready to go out. Each night the school organizes a bar/club for us to go to that has discounts on entry and alcohol prices. When we get back I do it all over again! Talk about a sweet life. Thanks for paying for it Daddy! ;-)

To make things even better one day this week I woke up to a knock on the door and it was the hotel maid! I watched her change my sheets and make my bed! I went to the store and when I came back she had vacuumed, given us fresh towels and trash bags, and cleaned our shower and entire bathroom! I think I love her.

I'm trying to think of something interesting I did this week to write about but like I said I basically just confirmed the European stereotype of all Americans: LAZY. Somehow I have no problem with that though HAHA!

One thing we did this week that was really cool was a bus tour of the Burgundy wine region. It was 6 hours (bad) but we saw many beautiful sights. There were miles and miles of grapes as we drove through tiny towns in the country. Each town had its own chateau which was really cool. My camera died halfway through the trip but I still got some awesome pictures. Once we got to Beaune we toured a medieval hospital for the poor. It was interesting but my camera had died by then. I bought some postcards though!

We went to the Irish people's house one night and just hung around. One of the guys, Shane told me something, however, that shocked the CRAP out of me. He has never, in his entire life, eaten.. MACARONI AND CHEESE.

I'll give you a second to wrap your head around that.

I know.

I almost cried when he told me. The poor thing. He has been missing out on God's edible gift for 20 years. I told mom to send me Velveeta ASAP so I can save the poor boy.

We went to a club called Colors one night. I happens to be our favorite one so far. They played Shania Twain- "Man, I feel like a woman." HAHA Totally random for a club but when it came on all the American girls went crazy. Partly because it was a song we actually knew and partly because it was country and we are deprived of that here! I asked Martin if he understood the words because he and the other french boys were singing along but he said no lol. All the boys in France actually dance, quite a change from American boys. Although since they dress REALLY nice and sometimes dance with eachother, it's often very difficult to distinguish between the gay and straight ones.

Yesterday morning there was a huge flea market on the main street right by us. Karen and I walked up and down it (even though it was kind of raining). I got a french scarf and a really cool top. Karen got some pants and a purse. We also bought some cheap nail polish. It was pretty cool and there were a TON of people. We are thinking it might be a monthly thing so we'll see.

I keep trying to buy the French phone that Scotty and Karen have already purchased, but of course when I went to get mine they were conveniently out of stock. The place is directly next to us so we keep going back in to check and the mean French guy KEEPS saying they'll get more the next day, the next day, the next day. How OBNOXIOUS. He might as well just order it because I'm going to go in there and bother him EVERYday until I get my phone! He should be catching on by now, I will not give up haha.

Well I guess that is all I have for this week!

Shout out to my good friend MARY from Ohio National! It was her birthday this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!! Sorry I couldn't be there for it! I hope they all spoiled you!!

Au Revior!

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