Tuesday, November 11, 2008

School? What's That?

PICTURES (in order from top to bottom):
1. Halloween party: Wonder Woman and Soccer Player
2. The French basketball players
3. Playing Twister!
4. Girls night out!
5. Midnight Snack! French Fry sandwich!
6. I have to go to school???!?
7. Hip hop break dancers
8. Waiting for the bus with Alex
9. Chicken and cheese crepe Karen made us!

The night we got back from Italy was Halloween and the Irish boys were hosting a party. I had to throw together a costume at the last minute so I decided to be a European soccer "futball" player. I wore my basketball shorts, Karen’s sneakers that happen to look like cleats, and borrowed Shane’s Manchester United jersey. It ended up being a great costume for not spending any money! The party was awesome and I was lucky enough to meet some French guys who play basketball! They invited us to their open-gym type practice. On Thursday night Karen, Emily, and I went to the gym and found, of course, all boys playing. At first I was a bit rusty (we had to do lay-up lines) but once we started scrimmaging I was doing really well. My team was actually pretty good, it was just really weird hearing French being shouted while playing basketball. I realized I was a little out of shape as I attempted to run up and down the court! But we plan to go every week now and I just bought some tennis shoes to wear so I’m really excited!

Today is Wednesday the 12th. I actually had class Monday-Thursday last week and had to do a bunch of homework. I only have one class on Thursday this week. HAHA! This school system is so odd. Tuesday was apparently another holiday so they just shut everything down Monday as well. I plan on spending this week writing a 7 page finance paper and getting homework done in advance so that I don’t have to worry about it when we are traveling. Alex and I have just booked a trip to Barcelona, Spain and we are looking into a trip to London. I recently found out that a friend from home is studying abroad in Lancaster, England and would be able to meet up with us in London! I hope it works out!
So, I have some exciting news. I actually cooked chicken BY MYSELF for the first time ever and I didn’t die of food poisoning! It was actually good! I had chicken, pasta, corn, and bread! I took a picture of my amazing chef meal but I accidentally deleted it! I know, it’s suspicious that I deleted the only proof of me cooking, but I swear I really did!

I realized today as I woke up at 3:30pm that I may have a sleep addiction. I think I need to work on that before I get back to the States and actually have class everyday! Well friends, it’s time to do the dishes and homework. How exciting! BYE!

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