Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Au Revoir, Dijon!

Pictures: Random pictures with friends

The Saturday before we left, Karen’s mother and aunt came to Dijon. When I flew back on Monday they were headed to Barcelona. They got in around 4pm and we took them to have tea/hot chocolate then out to eat at our favorite Italian place. The lasagna is phenomenal! I was so glad to go once more before I left. I’m still amazed I didn’t starve in France. All of you who know how I eat no doubt agree. How did I go without bagel bites and buffalo sauce for 3.5 months?? Surprisingly though, I didn’t expand my appetite that much. I found a way to eat pasta and chicken every night J. Sunday we took Karen’s family to Toison D’or, the mall. We had lunch in a Creperie and then met up with some friends for bowling.

Even though it was my last day, it still hadn’t hit me that I was leaving in the morning. I feel like I’ve been living in France forever, but now that it’s over it feels like it went so fast. How can it be both at the same time? It is such a bitter-sweet feeling, being happy to go home yet knowing I may never see the people I got so close to again.

Packing went pretty smoothly. I didn’t have to leave anything behind but didn’t have a scale to make sure the suitcases weren’t too heavy. Ben was an angel and got up at 5am Monday morning to help us bring our stuff to the train station. I was dreading the entire day because lugging two huge 50lbs suitcases, a backpack, computer case, and purse all around France is an absolute nightmare. I get an anxiety attack just thinking about it. Luckily, Karen was aiding me all the way to the airport so she could take a bag. OF COURSE the French were PROTESTING (honestly, get over it!!!) so the metros and RERs to the airport were all messed up. I started panicking about making my plane but we managed in the end. When I put my second suitcase on the scale to check the lady said I needed to take out about 1.5 kilos (like I knew that that meant), so I threw some clothes in my backpack and it worked.

I was already not excited about flying 11 hours to Houston, but to make matters worse as we were speeding up for take-off they slammed on the breaks! The pilot said we had to cancel take-off because a warning light came on and they had to check it out. I was glad they didn’t do what my mom does when a warning light comes on in the Cadillac – ignore it! I was sure we’d be there for hours but surprisingly they said it was no big deal and off we went!

Now as I fly over American soil, ridiculously antsy to be on the ground, I begin to reflect on my journey…

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