Monday, December 1, 2008

Hola Barcelona!

Pictures (in order from top to bottom):
1. On the plane to Barcelona
2. Gaudi cathedral
3. Park at sunset
4. Beach
5. Me at the Mediterranean Sea
6. Our feet!
7. Views from the Castle
8. Catalan dance
9. Art Museum
10. There was ICE in my coke!!!!
11. Bus ride to airport
Last weekend Alex and I went to Barcelona! Traveling there was crazy because we took almost every possible method of transportation. It went something like this: 1.5 hour train to Paris, 1 hour bus to airport, 2 hour plane ride, 1 hour bus to city center, metro to hostel. It was a little tiring but once we arrived we took a long nap and then woke up ready to go! Our hostel was organized like little apartments. We had our own bedroom but shared bathroom, living room, and kitchen with two other people. One was an American guy from Arkansas and the other was a girl from Germany. It worked out well because instead of going out for all our meals we just bought food at the grocery and cooked everyday.

The first thing we did after our nap was go to the cathedral. It was actually different than the numerous churches we’ve seen across Europe. The architect, Gaudi, is extremely famous and the outside of the church is very interesting and unique. After the cathedral we began a ridiculous climb to this park that overlooked the city. Luckily they had installed some escalators on the 80 degree incline but we still had to climb quite a long way. I’m definitely out of shape. We got to the top just as the sun was setting and it was really beautiful.

I don’t know why Alex and I thought we could get along fine in Spain. She speaks English and some French and I speak strictly English. Neither of us knows a lick of Spanish and it was difficult to say the least. We went to a restaurant that was run by Chinese people so ordering was absolutely impossible. Alex asked for water saying, “water, l’eau, aqua, tap...” They understood none of it. I don’t even know what I ate. It was some type of cheeseburger with onions and potatoes with a weird cheese sauce on them. The language barrier was another reason why we decided to cook all our meals. They actually were really good and included BBQ chicken, pasta, corn, bread, and salad.

That night we went to a bar and club with people from our hostel. It was so much fun because the club played American hip-hop music! It was such a relief from the techno music we have been hearing all along. One point in the night we were all talking about how if you bang your bottle on top of someone else’s it makes it foam up. So I banged my bottle on Alex’s and it started spitting foam everywhere. To get me back Alex hit hers on top of mine but instead of just foaming the entire top of my bottle just broke off! It was so funny we were in tears laughing. Luckily the bartender gave me another one for free!

The next day we went to the beach. As soon as we got there we took of our shoes and put our feet in the Mediterranean Sea! It was still pretty cold outside but we figured it was a must. After the beach we walked in the city center down the main pedestrian strip looking at all the shops. The next day we went to the top of another mountain where there was a castle and the Olympic Park. After climbing, again, what seemed like forever we got to the castle. We had the most amazing views of the city and the sea! It really was worth the climb. The Olympic stadium was so SMALL! It was for the 1992 Olympics but it was still so much smaller than UK’s football stadium. After all of this we walked around some more and I bought some brown boots that I love! It was interesting to learn about the history of Barcelona. Apparently it’s the capital of Catalonian regions that historically fought for independence from Spain. They have their own language so all the signs in Barcelona are in Spanish and Catalan. You will see a picture of older people holding hands in a circle. They are doing a dance with intricate footwork that represents their culture. Unfortunately, the rest of Spain mocks this dance.

That night I was picking up my jeans from the floor of our room and put them on the bed. Then I looked over at them and saw the biggest cockroach I have ever seen in my life. Needless to say, I FLIPPED out. I jumped up and ran out of the room screaming like crazy for Alex. Thank God she is a nature girl and could handle the situation. Somehow she caught the little devil in a cup and dropped it off the balcony. Just thinking about it now gives me the chills. It was terrible, but honestly it was our fault because we had spilt M&Ms on the floor and didn’t pick them up.

Getting home from Barcelona was just as crazy as getting there. However, we apparently did not give ourselves enough time to make the train from Paris to Dijon and we missed it by about 20 minutes. Luckily, I got another ticket for only 3 euros and we made it back not too much later. Barcelona was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to and I was so glad I got to see palm trees and the ocean in November! Adios!

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