Monday, December 1, 2008

International Thanksgiving!

Pictures (in order from top to bottom):
1. Ice skating..well falling down
2. Gemma, Emma, and I at the Birthday dinner
3. The whole group outside the restaurant
4. Joey trying to throw me in a garbage can
5. Thanksgiving!
6. Emma, Karen, and I at Thanksgiving
7. Relaxing after the big meal
8. Me attacking Ben! America vs. Ireland!
9. With the Irish girls. Emily, Katie, and myself.

We got back from Barcelona on Monday November 24th. As soon as I got back I had to meet with groups for projects, study for a quiz, and do laundry because I was planning on going to London that Thursday. During all of this inconvenient school work, we managed to have some fun. The Irish found an ice skating rink nearby so a bunch of us went. It was so much fun, except for the skates being really painful. They played music that we liked and I actually did really well after I got the hang of it. I didn’t even fall once! Well, except when Ben attacked me and pulled me down with him, but that was his fault! We’ve already gone again and hopefully will go more before I leave. We also went out to eat for our English friend, Gemma’s birthday. There was about twenty of us in the restaurant and it was so great to have all of our friends together. Ironically none of us are French. I got lasagna and it was fabulous! On the walk home the big Irish guy, Joey, picked me up and attempted to throw me in this huge garbage can on the side of the road. It was so funny but I hung on so I didn’t go all the way in!

On Wednesday I got a package from Mom and I was SO excited! It had Larosa’s spaghetti sauce, Gold Star, macaroni and cheese, hot chocolate, marshmallows, ranch dressing, and candy! YAY for American food! Wednesday night was our big Thanksgiving meal. A lot of people were going to be out of town on Thursday so we made it a day early. The Irish boys hosted it at their place because it is the biggest and each person brought something. We had two huge turkeys, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, green beans, bread, wine, champagne, cranberry sauce, and pies. I was in charge of bringing the corn because it was the one thing I couldn’t really mess up!

It wasn’t as good as Mom’s cooking but it was SO good and SO filling! We all had such a great time just hanging out together! I was really grateful that everyone chipped in to make our holiday so great even though no one else celebrates Thanksgiving. After dinner we had a gift exchange that was hilarious. All the gifts were under 5 euros and therefore funny, cheap stuff. I ended up with a box of chocolates so that was fine with me! After the exchange we all went around and said what we were thankful for. I said, “Being over here in Europe for three months has made me SO thankful for... America!” All in all it was a great week that made me appreciate all our new friends here and made me realize I will miss them all very much.

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