Monday, December 22, 2008

Us Against The World

Pictures: all from The Louvre (boy=Ben)

So on Thursday November 27th (the real Thanksgiving) my Irish friend, Ben, and I set off for London. I planned to meet my friend, Mark, there, a UK student studying in Lancaster. The only problem is we never made it. Once we were checking in a the Paris airport, Ben realized he forgot his passport back in Dijon. I didn’t go on ahead because I would have been alone in London at night not knowing where to go and it was too late for Ben to go back for it. So, unfortunately I spent my Thanksgiving night eating Pizza Hut in an airport and then wandering around Paris at night in the freezing cold rain trying to find a hotel for hours. Once we finally found a hotel we decided to stay two nights and make the best of the weekend.

We later discovered that Ben and I traveling together creates the absolute worst luck ever. It honestly felt like the world was playing a joke on us! We would get on a metro and all the other people would get off and get on the one across the platform. Assuming ours was broken we would do the same. Then all the people would return to the first train and it would immediately take off, leaving us completely baffled! We looked up a theatre on Google maps via satellite but when we got to the location there was absolute NOTHING there! Some locals told us there were no theatres even close! What a conspiracy! Even though it was a disaster we did get to go inside the Louvre since I’ve never been. It was pretty interesting. I appreciate art and all, but after the hundredth statue of naked guys and horses it all looks the same to me.

We did eventually find a movie theatre in English so we went and saw “The Changeling” with Angelina Jolie. It was really good, but quite depressing. At one point in the movie one of the characters cursed and then said “Pardon my French”. Ben and I burst out laughing at the irony of being surrounding by French people who were, no doubt, lost in translation. All in all, I chalk the weekend up as a financial failure, but the way I see it, I was bound to have at least one disaster trip in all of my ones abroad.

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