Monday, November 16, 2009


So even though I was sick last weekend during the Bengals game, we still had fun! At first we were way up high in the sun and it was SOOO hot. Like, it was dreadful. But then we moved down behind my parents in the shade and it was ten times better! Closer and cooler! AND we beat the Ravens! Who-Dey! After the game we stopped by Joe’s house for a few beers. His puppies have gotten so big! They are half boxer and half lab and are adorable! Much cuter than his pug, Carl! Lol
I’m pretty much over my sickness by now, except for some side effects and an occasional cough. I tried to get the H1N1 vaccine because my mom and doctor were all up on me about it but both times I went the line was around the building and I had to get to work/class so I gave up. On Monday we went to the first basketball tickets lottery. It was for the first 4 games. The only big one in there is UNC. But it was the most crowded lottery I’ve ever seen! A lot of people didn’t even get tickets. We got upper level ones, but at least we got some!
This past weekend was pretty chill for me. Friday night I really wanted to watch Twilight so Derek stayed awake and watched it with me so I wouldn’t get scared. Yea, I’m a chicken, I know. Oh yea, Thursday night we went to Tin Roof and the bouncer almost didn't let me in! I guess it's because my bangs make me look different. I showed him like 5 forms of I.D. and he was still skeptical! And it was the same guy that has let me in many times. Finally Christina and I were like yelling at him and he just let me go. GOSH!!
I tried to clean my room and do laundry on Saturday but now instead of my room being covered in dirty clothes, it’s covered in clean ones. I’m working on it. I also tried to take a bath this weekend. I didn’t realize that being tall would hinder my comfort in that effort. Since the wall is at a 90 degree angle and I didn’t have a pillow it was quite uncomfortable and I totally didn’t fit. I’ll stick to showers haha.
Yesterday the Bengals played the Steelers at Pittsburg and beat them for a SECOND time!!! We had honor court for AKPsi for the first hour so Von and I were reading the play-by-plays on my cell phone the whole time. But luckily we didn’t miss too much! I wore my Bengals jersey around campus today cause I’m so proud!
Tonight my sister and mom are coming to Lex. My sister and I are going to the UK game vs. Miami of Ohio. We have my Dad’s cousin’s seats again so it should be a good time. GO BIG BLUE!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Swine Scare

So the past two days I’ve quarantined myself in my room because I’m super sick. It started out as a sore throat, painful cough thing. I went to the doctors and she assured me it wasn’t the Swine. So for 2 days I went to work, class, and then straight to bed. Now I’m at work and it seems to have moved up to my nose/head and I can tell it will soon be a sinus infection. I’m so mad it did this again, because I went to the doctor too early to get a Z-pack and that’s the only thing that will get rid of this. Oh well, hopefully some over-the-counter stuff will work this time. I’m sick of sounding like a man!
Despite my sickly condition, I am excited for the weekend! I am either going home tonight or tomorrow morning (depending how I feel). Everyone keeps telling me to stay and go to the Lexington Block Party (aka bar crawl) but I highly doubt I will feel up to that. I’m excited for the weekend, though, because I get to go to the Bengals game! My dad somehow got 4 extra tickets for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, they aren’t near his usual seats in the front row, they are in the upper level, but hey, I’m not one to complain! I’m going with Jonathan, Jen, and Tommy, so it should be super fun! And we’re going to tailgate with the parents at the “Bengalance” before hand. I hope it’s not too cold so that I can enjoy it!
My fellow intern just asked for my football ticket to the UK game tomorrow. I gladly gave it to her since I won’t be here but since it’s a student ticket, she needs a student ID to get in (and she goes to EKU). She could use mine, but the only problem is she’s black and I’m white! HAHA. So she’s going to take it and try to hide the picture when she shows the ticket person! I hope she can get in! I told her if they question the picture to just say she got a spray tan! LOL.
OMG! So I just found out some GREAT news! H&M (my favorite European store that was only located in select US cities) has now come to the Florence mall and Kenwood! I’m so pumped because I’ve been waiting forever for it to come nearby!! I recently went to the one in Chicago and now I can’t wait to go to the ones at home! If any of you recall I lived directly next door to H&M when I was in France so I finally get to have it back in my life! WOOT!
I may currently be a germ-ball, but I’m PUMPED! This work day needs to end NOW!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well Hello, November

So it’s Tuesday and I’m sitting in Educational Psychology. My teacher is making fun of male gymnasts and we have a male cheerleader in our class. Smooth move. This past weekend was fun. Friday night our fraternity rented out a bar/restaurant to have our big Halloween bash. I was Taylor Swift and J was Kanye West from the VMAs incident. On actual Halloween night there wasn’t much going on so we just hung out. Yesterday was the first UK Basketball exhibition game. My Dad got tickets from his cousin who’s a judge. So my parents drove down and my mom watched in my apartment while my Dad and I went to the game. It was SO much fun to see the new team in action! The best feeling in the world is sitting in Rupp when all the lights go out and they start announcing the players. I’m so excited for the season but it also makes me sad that it’s my last year here. Of course, UK killed Campbellsville, so it was a good night!
I have a big Finance test tomorrow, so I’ve been studying a bunch for that. It’s probably my hardest class even though it’s only Finance 300. I just can’t wrap my head around some of that stuff. But I got an A on the first exam so hopefully I can pull through again. In Anthropology, we were watching a film on Hindu gods and they talked about Kali, the dark goddess of chaos and destruction. I always wonder if my parents knew they were naming me after an evil deity. We also learned how the Hindus believe in Karma, and I think I’m starting to buy it. I’ve never been one of those people who think “everything happens for a reason.” I really don’t believe that’s true. I think life is totally random, kind of like evolutionary mutations or stock prices. But I don’t know, lately I’ve been thinking there may be something to this whole “what goes around comes around” thing.
We register for classes for the spring semester tomorrow and my schedule is going to be awesome! I’ll only have 3 classes on Tuesday and Thursday. So I’ll have 4 day weekends! I will have to work for 3 credit hours but I’m hoping to work Monday afternoon and all day on Wednesdays. This will give me time to come to Cincinnati on Fridays and Mondays to interview. Still don’t quite know what I’ll be doing with my life…stay tuned! It’s crazy to me to think that I have no idea where/what I’ll be doing in May. My whole life I knew what was coming next, whether it was high school, summer, college, etc. Now I have no idea where me and all my friends will be in a few months… so creepy!
The rest of this week appears to be pretty uneventful but you never know what’ll pop up! Like this swollen throat I’m suddenly experiencing…perhaps my yearly cold has arrived. Bye!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

She's Back!!

So it’s been a YEAR since I’ve been abroad! I can hardly believe it! I know this Blog is titled “Kali France” but I miss being able to rant and rave about everything going on in my life! So I’m back (by popular demand). Like I said, it’s been a year! So I am in my first semester of my senior year in college. Holy cow. It feels like just yesterday I was driving the Caddy to Notre Dame. Now… oh wait… I’m still driving the Caddy. Cash for Clunkers didn’t work out. I don’t want to talk about it. I just see it as a sign from God that I should hold out for my Mustang, and so I shall.

The past year was full of readjusting to the amazing-ness that is the United States, school, and interning at Ohio National again in the summer. I was so glad to get back to macaroni and cheese, face-paced society, the English language, big cars, fat people, and real sports! On a sadder note, one of my dear Irish friends from abroad unexpectedly passed away early this year and we all miss him very much. RIP Joey.

I’m trying to think of major events that took place in the last year but I am drawing somewhat of a blank. I did switch boyfriends, so that’s pretty significant. I am sure you all know who I am currently dating so we’ll just call him J. OMG... DUH... I turned TWENTY ONE!!!! How did I forget that?? I am now an adult and can legally consume alcoholic beverages! Woot! It’s totally as awesome as I thought it would be! Other things… our Global Scholar advisor quit suddenly. That was a shocker. We have some new guy now but I haven’t met him yet.
I did go on a family vacation to New York (for our Italian family reunion), Atlantic City (first time I could gamble!), and Washington D.C. (got to see my favorite cousin). After losing a ton of money on slots right away, I realized gambling is not for me. Why blow 60 dollars in a machine when I could just go buy a new pair of shoes? While we were on the beach in Atlantic City, though, the Blue Angels or whatever those fighter jets are called were practicing. So we were swimming in the ocean and they were flying right over our heads! It was amazing!

Now back to the present. I am in my first semester of senior year, taking 12 hours. I am currently interning at the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) for college credit, so I don’t get paid. But I really like it so far. We deal with things that I’m interested in, like sports, marketing, event planning, sponsorships, etc. I am currently working on planning our big Convention in December in Tampa, Fl. I get to go to it for free, but I’ll be working the whole time. I am mainly in charge of planning the silent auction and golf tournament. I had my review today and I went very well. My boss offered my to come back next semester! Because the AVCA is an IMG Association, my doing well here could help me land an IMG job. IMG College is the largest sports marketing company.

But besides work, I am living in Newtown apartments again, but with my friend, Derek. He’s chill so it works out. I do the dishes and he takes out the trash. My room is HUGE (aka more clothes on the floor) but my closet is TINY (aka more clothes on the floor). I’m taking an educational psychology class (for an elective) that requires me to observe a classroom for 10 hours. So I’m been observing six graders for a while. Pretty boring. I definitely would never want to be a teacher.

I’m sure there are a million more things to catch up on since it’s been so long but that’s what I get for procrastinating! So I’ll just say tonight is the AKPsi Halloween Party so that should be fun! The homecoming football game is tomorrow but I won’t be attending because I don’t really do cold weather. I guess I should get back to work now but I will be writing often so come back soon!