Friday, November 6, 2009

The Swine Scare

So the past two days I’ve quarantined myself in my room because I’m super sick. It started out as a sore throat, painful cough thing. I went to the doctors and she assured me it wasn’t the Swine. So for 2 days I went to work, class, and then straight to bed. Now I’m at work and it seems to have moved up to my nose/head and I can tell it will soon be a sinus infection. I’m so mad it did this again, because I went to the doctor too early to get a Z-pack and that’s the only thing that will get rid of this. Oh well, hopefully some over-the-counter stuff will work this time. I’m sick of sounding like a man!
Despite my sickly condition, I am excited for the weekend! I am either going home tonight or tomorrow morning (depending how I feel). Everyone keeps telling me to stay and go to the Lexington Block Party (aka bar crawl) but I highly doubt I will feel up to that. I’m excited for the weekend, though, because I get to go to the Bengals game! My dad somehow got 4 extra tickets for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, they aren’t near his usual seats in the front row, they are in the upper level, but hey, I’m not one to complain! I’m going with Jonathan, Jen, and Tommy, so it should be super fun! And we’re going to tailgate with the parents at the “Bengalance” before hand. I hope it’s not too cold so that I can enjoy it!
My fellow intern just asked for my football ticket to the UK game tomorrow. I gladly gave it to her since I won’t be here but since it’s a student ticket, she needs a student ID to get in (and she goes to EKU). She could use mine, but the only problem is she’s black and I’m white! HAHA. So she’s going to take it and try to hide the picture when she shows the ticket person! I hope she can get in! I told her if they question the picture to just say she got a spray tan! LOL.
OMG! So I just found out some GREAT news! H&M (my favorite European store that was only located in select US cities) has now come to the Florence mall and Kenwood! I’m so pumped because I’ve been waiting forever for it to come nearby!! I recently went to the one in Chicago and now I can’t wait to go to the ones at home! If any of you recall I lived directly next door to H&M when I was in France so I finally get to have it back in my life! WOOT!
I may currently be a germ-ball, but I’m PUMPED! This work day needs to end NOW!

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