Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well Hello, November

So it’s Tuesday and I’m sitting in Educational Psychology. My teacher is making fun of male gymnasts and we have a male cheerleader in our class. Smooth move. This past weekend was fun. Friday night our fraternity rented out a bar/restaurant to have our big Halloween bash. I was Taylor Swift and J was Kanye West from the VMAs incident. On actual Halloween night there wasn’t much going on so we just hung out. Yesterday was the first UK Basketball exhibition game. My Dad got tickets from his cousin who’s a judge. So my parents drove down and my mom watched in my apartment while my Dad and I went to the game. It was SO much fun to see the new team in action! The best feeling in the world is sitting in Rupp when all the lights go out and they start announcing the players. I’m so excited for the season but it also makes me sad that it’s my last year here. Of course, UK killed Campbellsville, so it was a good night!
I have a big Finance test tomorrow, so I’ve been studying a bunch for that. It’s probably my hardest class even though it’s only Finance 300. I just can’t wrap my head around some of that stuff. But I got an A on the first exam so hopefully I can pull through again. In Anthropology, we were watching a film on Hindu gods and they talked about Kali, the dark goddess of chaos and destruction. I always wonder if my parents knew they were naming me after an evil deity. We also learned how the Hindus believe in Karma, and I think I’m starting to buy it. I’ve never been one of those people who think “everything happens for a reason.” I really don’t believe that’s true. I think life is totally random, kind of like evolutionary mutations or stock prices. But I don’t know, lately I’ve been thinking there may be something to this whole “what goes around comes around” thing.
We register for classes for the spring semester tomorrow and my schedule is going to be awesome! I’ll only have 3 classes on Tuesday and Thursday. So I’ll have 4 day weekends! I will have to work for 3 credit hours but I’m hoping to work Monday afternoon and all day on Wednesdays. This will give me time to come to Cincinnati on Fridays and Mondays to interview. Still don’t quite know what I’ll be doing with my life…stay tuned! It’s crazy to me to think that I have no idea where/what I’ll be doing in May. My whole life I knew what was coming next, whether it was high school, summer, college, etc. Now I have no idea where me and all my friends will be in a few months… so creepy!
The rest of this week appears to be pretty uneventful but you never know what’ll pop up! Like this swollen throat I’m suddenly experiencing…perhaps my yearly cold has arrived. Bye!


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