Monday, November 16, 2009


So even though I was sick last weekend during the Bengals game, we still had fun! At first we were way up high in the sun and it was SOOO hot. Like, it was dreadful. But then we moved down behind my parents in the shade and it was ten times better! Closer and cooler! AND we beat the Ravens! Who-Dey! After the game we stopped by Joe’s house for a few beers. His puppies have gotten so big! They are half boxer and half lab and are adorable! Much cuter than his pug, Carl! Lol
I’m pretty much over my sickness by now, except for some side effects and an occasional cough. I tried to get the H1N1 vaccine because my mom and doctor were all up on me about it but both times I went the line was around the building and I had to get to work/class so I gave up. On Monday we went to the first basketball tickets lottery. It was for the first 4 games. The only big one in there is UNC. But it was the most crowded lottery I’ve ever seen! A lot of people didn’t even get tickets. We got upper level ones, but at least we got some!
This past weekend was pretty chill for me. Friday night I really wanted to watch Twilight so Derek stayed awake and watched it with me so I wouldn’t get scared. Yea, I’m a chicken, I know. Oh yea, Thursday night we went to Tin Roof and the bouncer almost didn't let me in! I guess it's because my bangs make me look different. I showed him like 5 forms of I.D. and he was still skeptical! And it was the same guy that has let me in many times. Finally Christina and I were like yelling at him and he just let me go. GOSH!!
I tried to clean my room and do laundry on Saturday but now instead of my room being covered in dirty clothes, it’s covered in clean ones. I’m working on it. I also tried to take a bath this weekend. I didn’t realize that being tall would hinder my comfort in that effort. Since the wall is at a 90 degree angle and I didn’t have a pillow it was quite uncomfortable and I totally didn’t fit. I’ll stick to showers haha.
Yesterday the Bengals played the Steelers at Pittsburg and beat them for a SECOND time!!! We had honor court for AKPsi for the first hour so Von and I were reading the play-by-plays on my cell phone the whole time. But luckily we didn’t miss too much! I wore my Bengals jersey around campus today cause I’m so proud!
Tonight my sister and mom are coming to Lex. My sister and I are going to the UK game vs. Miami of Ohio. We have my Dad’s cousin’s seats again so it should be a good time. GO BIG BLUE!

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