Monday, January 18, 2010

My Last Christmas Break

So once the week in Florida ended I headed back to the snow :( After working the long hours for a week, I was excited to have a couple weeks off to relax and do absolutely nothing. Here is a list of things I did over break:

- Went to a Bengals game with Jonathan. It was so cold that we left around the 3rd quarter!
- Saw Avatar. Jonathan wanted to go and I thought it was going to be SO lame but it was SO good! I really want to see it in 3D before it leaves theatres! I definitely recommend it!
- Had game night with Ohio National friends at Tommy and Steph’s! I’m pretty sure the females won every game.
- Christmas! Some things I got: a shoe book and calendar, clothes, steamer, and a digital camera! Oh and purple suede Steve Madden pumps from J!!! 
- Had my first ever Chipotle burrito. I actually really liked it a lot! Look at me broadening my horizons!
-Had lunch with my godmother, Rosemary! It was go great to catch up with her! I definitely don’t see her enough!
- Experienced the Andress Epidemic. My whole family got sick. My dad gave his cold to my mom who proceeded to mope around the house yelling at Dad for making her miserable. It was quite comical.

Now I’m back to school for my.. OMG.. last semester of college!! NOOOO make it stop! I don’t want to leave this life of luxury! But Daddy says “the Andress college fund runs out after this semester.” Sigh. Guess I have to become a real person. So this semester I’ll be busting my butt to get some interviews in Cincinnati. I’ll keep you posted!

Tomorrow starts my first full week of classes. Marketing Promotions is going to be a breeze, Marketing Research looks like it’s going to require some actual attention. Hopefully it’s not too bad. And the Global Scholar class could go either way. It looks like we will be doing some interesting projects, just have to see how it plays out. Oh, and the former president of India is going to be teaching us. Yea, India. Like the country. Crazy, I know! Well I need to put all the syllabus dates in my planner and color-code all my classes so cya later!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!! Miss you!

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