Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First NBA Game!

This past weekend I got to experience my first NBA game. Jonathan is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan so for Christmas I bought him tickets to the Cavs vs. Pacers game. So last Friday he took off work early and we headed to Indianapolis. Once we checked into the hotel (we actually had a reservation BEFORE we went – shocker) we headed downtown. We parked literally next door to Conseco Stadium and looked for somewhere to eat before the game. The Hard Rock CafĂ© was nearby so we chose that. It was painfully cold outside, WAY colder than NKY. We sat in the Michael Jackson room and had some yummy french fries smothered in cheese and bacon! (I’ll discuss how the diet’s going later on).

Jonathan had bought a shirt with the puppet version of LeBron throwing the chalk up in the air (his signature pre-game ritual). So he was pumped to see that. When we got to the stadium we headed down to the floor to take some pictures of warm-ups. The stadium is really nice and I think it’s relatively new. We sat in some random seats abut 6 rows back from the court hoping we could get some pictures of LeBron before we had to move. Amazingly, the seats we chose were the only ones that didn’t fill up right before the game. No idea how we got that lucky! I got some great pictures up close and we had an awesome view for the 1st quarter.

At the end of the 1st quarter, the people whose seats we were in came and we were forced to move to our nosebleed seats. We were so high up and the steps were SO steep that my fear of heights kicked in (especially since I was in heels and carrying a beer). But the view wasn’t so bad, so we still enjoyed the rest of the game.

The half-time show was this small Chinese woman who rode a really tall unicycle while stacking bowls on her feet. Then she would flip up the bowls catching them on her head. She kept increasing the number of bowls she would flip and got up to like six or something. It was crazy! I wonder how people figure out they can do things like that. Of course Jonathan mentioned that he used to be able to ride a unicycle (that boy can do everything). I said he belongs in a circus because he can do flips, juggle, and apparently, ride a unicycle.

We came back early afternoon on Saturday because Jonathan was feeling pretty sick with a cold. Saturday night I hung out with Jen, Tommy, Steph, Michelle, Casey, and Ben. We played a game called Battle of the Sexes that was pretty fun. I was going to see Avatar in 3D the next morning but after a few too many glasses of wine that didn’t happen. So instead I went out to eat with my parents and then to Jonathan’s flag football game. I was so glad Jen came to watch with me because we always get in some quality girl-talk time. Unfortunately, J’s team lost but he scored the only touch-down! I love bragging about how my boyfriend is the best receiver on the team  Jen and I want to make big corny signs for the next game but J won’t let us HAHA.
Two weeks ago I was doing REALLY well working out almost everyday. Then I got really sick for a week. So I am starting back up on Friday (I have to spend today and tomorrow studying for my Marketing Research exam). Hopefully I can do as well as I was before! Just getting in some cardio and weights everyday really feels awesome. And hopefully I’ll fit into my bathing suits for the Spring Break cruise!!

My parents are on my back about updating my resume and sending applications to places (as if I don’t know I have to get started). So I plan to spend Friday working on that. Talk about the most stressful time ever! I was watching Gilmore Girls the other day and the daughter who was graduating from college put it perfectly: I’ve always been able to see what is in front of me, what to expect. But now it’s like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff looking out into a huge abyss. And I can’t see what’s in front of me because it’s foggy. It’s really foggy.

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