Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Polar Bear Plunge

Jonathan came down for Valentine’s Day weekend and we got to go to the UK vs. Tennessee game. Christina and I made shirts that said “Volunteer to Lose” (see above). UK won, of course. On Valentine’s Day we dragged Jonathan and Von to the movies to see (surprise) Valentine’s Day! It was actually a really funny movie and I know the boys secretly liked it. The whole next week I dedicated to the job search. I’ve been sending out a bunch of resumes and found some jobs that sound great! We just have to wait and see.

At some point a couple weeks ago I thought I would be a good citizen and sign up for the Polar Bear Plunge, which consists of jumping in a pool of freezing water in the middle of winter. All proceeds go to the Special Olympics. So last Saturday a couple other AKPsi girls and I went to Texas roadhouse and participated. My parents came down to watch and take pictures so I was really glad to see them. Once I got on stage I was totally freaking out and the girls had to basically drag me in. It was WAY colder than I was expecting! They said the water was 35 degrees. And since I jumped in with so many articles of clothing on, I could barely get them off! But it was fun overall and I’m glad I raised money for a good cause. (Of course the day after was almost 60 degrees outside. Oh well.)

There are only about 2 and a half weeks left until Spring Break so I’m back to the work out routine and the “Kali-diet”. I call it the “Kali-diet” because it only makes sense in my head. It’s all about will power, trying really hard not to snack before bed, and justifying pop-tart filling for a fruit serving. We’ll see how it goes. I would just like to be able to fit into my bathing suits from last summer. But I did sign up for an excursion on the cruise! We are going to the town called “Hell”, swimming with sting rays, and going to a turtle farm! I’m so excited because I LOVE sea turtles! I’m somewhat apprehensive about the sting rays but you only live once!

On the school subject, I’m doing well. I got a 100% on my first marketing research exam. I am prepared for the grades to dip a bit once we get into statistics (I think I’m missing the gene for comprehension of that subject) but at least it’s a good start! For our Global Scholar Strategic Management class we are in the process of creating a new restaurant business plan and menu. Our restaurant is “the last stop on the bourbon trail” and features wing sauces made from all the different kinds of bourbon. We have to prepare a signature dish at our professor’s house for judges to taste. Lucky for the judges, I’m not cooking (I didn’t want them to have to sign a waver). Playing it safe: I’m working on the business/marketing plan and store layout.

On the sports front: USC sent UK a taunting letter after they beat us a few weeks back. I feel really sorry for them that they have to come play at Rupp now. Not a very smart move there, Gamecocks.

I would also like to share that I was just sitting on my couch enjoying a bowl of Life cereal when I proceeded to tip the bowl over covering myself in milk. As I waddled to the kitchen to get paper towels, I left a nice little trail of Life cereal pieces as they fell off of my pants. I’m pretty talented.


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