Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Next Chapter in My Life/Time to Become a Real Person/Kicked Out of the Nest/The Expiration of the Andress Financial Fund

(So many good titles – couldn’t decide on one)

Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with being unemployed, sleeping/shopping all day, and living off Jonathan, but apparently that’s frowned upon in our society, and I don’t think he’d go for it. Therefore, I had to find a job, and fast! The Caddy was on its last legs, and Dad was more than ready to kick me to the financial curb. I knew it was coming, but once you actually sit down and map out ALL of the things your parents are going to make you pay for now, it’s quite daunting. But more of that later.

I had interned for the American Volleyball Coaches Association for two semesters and got really lucky when someone left, opening up a new position. So I interviewed and got the job! I am now the AVCA’s Events & Education Specialist. Mostly, I’ll be planning/executing various portions of our convention, conferences, and clinics, as well as facilitating educational aspects such as online resources and event speakers.

After securing a job, it was on to the next most important thing: getting a new car! Contrary to what my Father thinks, a ‘92 Caddy is not “cruising around in style” and is DEFINITELY not the envy of every other college student. Thus began (or continued) the search for Kali’s new ride. I had many previous failed attempts at obtaining a new vehicle, so my hopes were anything but up. I basically knew I was going to end up with a Hyundai (rhymes with Sunday) because every one of my family members has one, and my mother knows the people at Florence Hyundai really well because of it. (Not to mention she can wheel and deal better than the best.)

I had the choice of getting a new 2010 Hyundai Sonata with no features or a 2009 Sonata Limited with all the features (leather seats, heated seats, nice rims, duel exhaust, sun roof, etc.) Since the 2009 was just a rental car, it only had 10,000 miles on it and still smelled like new! So that’s what I got: 2009 Ebony Black Hyundai Sonata Limited. It’s so pretty and I absolutely LOVE it. Oh! Forgot to mention, I got it on my birthday! Happy 22nd to myself! (Yes, I’m paying for it all.)

After getting the job, and the car, I had to find a place to live once my lease was up in August. Thank God one of my best friends, Christina, got a job here too and wanted to live together! We found a brand new apartment complex that is beautiful. It’s in a good location for both of our jobs, and is cheaper because it’s not by campus. We move in August, and I CAN’T wait! Jonathan and Von have already volunteered to move all the heavy furniture. How nice of them. :)

Graduation was held on May 8th at 8:30am in Rupp Arena. I was really glad that was the location, because I wouldn’t want to celebrate my college career anywhere else. My parents and Jonathan were there, and they happened to pick the perfect seats really close to wear I was sitting. I kept looking up at them and Jonathan would yell at me to pay attention. HAHA. It was a great ceremony, and I didn’t trip on any of the steps: Mission Accomplished.

That night our entire group of friends, and Jonathan, went to Saddle Ridge. We played flip cup, danced, and had the best time. It was the most fun I’ve had with everyone probably in all my 4 years here. Our last “hurrah” was perfect.
Now onto the real world. 40 hour weeks, bills, responsibilities, here I come.

Banquets Galore

As my senior year of college was winding down, there was a plethora of events to attend. In the middle of April, the global scholars were finishing up meeting with Kalam, the former president of India. Nothing like a project where you have to solve all of the world’s problems in two weeks. But Kalam turned out to be really nice and interesting to meet with. I can see why he was such a popular president in India.

During this time, intramurals was also coming to a close. We got really far in volleyball, I would say a game before the semi-finals. But then we played a team with a guy who jump-served every time like he was on the national team. I mean really, is that necessary? Basketball season was bitter sweet. I ended up getting a GREAT team together. We were well on our way to the finals, but then we had a game time where no girls could make it. So we got some random girl to come who showed up 10 minutes late. The other team got 3 points for every minute late she was, so the score started at 30-0. The part that really sucks is we ended up losing the game 79-70. So in reality (I’ll do the math for you) we should have won 70-49. The other team wasn’t bad either, our boys just really stepped it up and wanted to come back and win. Garrett had to of made 5 three’s in a row. I didn’t even think it was possible, so I was very surprised when we got so close. So, unfortunately, basketball is over, but it was so much fun. I’ll definitely miss UK intramurals.

That weekend I had two banquets to attend. Jonathan was only supposed to go to one, but he BEGGED me to go to all of them so I wasn’t going to ruin his excitement! Saturday morning my parents and J came down for the Gatton Scholarship banquet, where they invite students to a luncheon to meet the benefactors. I had received a marketing scholarship and met Peggy who was the nicest lady. She really took an interest in my academics and future career. It was great to meet her, and I already have been corresponding with her through the mail!

That night was our last ever AKPsi banquet! I was so excited because that is probably the thing I look forward to most every semester. It was held at the Crown Plaza and I am happy to say it was the best one ever! I really liked my white, one-shoulder dress and unreasonably high heels. All the seniors stood up, were recognized, and received our graduation sashes. After dinner, we danced and even J got in on the action! AKPsi events like those will definitely be missed.

The next Saturday I had the Global Scholar Senior Banquet for the first graduating class of Global Scholars. Even though we were the guinea pigs for the program for four years, I’m so glad the last of us stuck with it until the end. Again, Jonathan was dying to go, so he and the whole family came down for the event. It was held at Spindletop and was a dinner, slideshow, a couple speakers, and presentation by Brendan and Randa. They spoke briefly about how each one of us has grown or what we have all achieved and then we received certificates, medals, and small gifts. It was a great wrap up to a program that has shaped my college experience, and brought me some of the best friends.