Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kali Talks 2.0

I'm baaack!! Hello again friends :) I know, it seems like I come back for a brief time every 2 years, SO, I didn't want to disappoint.

I have decided that moving forward this blog will be less about me (pause for reaction) and more frequent, brief posts about: current events, entertainment news, fashion, fun, food, my random opinions, love, life, etc. So get pumped!

As I'm sure you already noticed, my blog has been revamped! Note pretty background and colors. Yay! So in the honor of change, I'll share (briefly) the new things going on in KaliWood.

Last time we talked I was dating a certain man named Jonathan. Unfortunately, this past January 2012, I ended the relationship. We had 3 great (mostly) years together and he remains a very fond part of my life. In the end, it was clear his priorities were not on our relationship and with the hour distance between us, that eventually led to me alone in Lexington miserable for months (ask my friends). So one day I plucked up all the courage I had and chose my happiness over the (then) love of my life. I will say it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done but at that point I felt I had no other option. I will always have a place in my heart for Jonathan and I wish him the best.

As with all major turning points in life, I learned some things along the way. And I hope you can relate, or maybe even take something away from this too. If you are unhappy with your life for a substantial amount of time (mine being several months) you need to look at your life an evaluate it. Yes, a lot of my sadness came from my family issues, but that's something I can't change. Where was the other sadness coming from? My relationship. Could I change that? Yes. Trust me, I didn't decide this lightly. I tried to make it right every way I could. But when I knew it wasn't going to happen, I had to make a change for myself. Sometimes, you need to take a risk to get back your happiness. Because in the end, only you can bring yourself happiness. Not a man, not shoes (gasp), not money, YOU. Like I said, that was probably the hardest thing I've ever done, but it was also one of my proudest moments. It took every ounce of courage and respect for myself to do that and stick to my guns. I fought for my happiness, for getting the things I want out of a relationship and refused to settle. You have a right to happiness. But no one is going to ensure you achieve it but yourself.

Hindsight is always 20/20, right? Now, months down the road, it was the right choice. Did it suck? Yes. Did I eat way too much fried food and cry to myself or my friends constantly? Yes. Did I move on with my life and finally find happiness again? Yes.

Tim and I at Keeneland

Cue Tim. We met last year at a football tailgate through mutual friends and in February started hanging out. He just could resist my charm ;) Now we've been dating for 6 months and it's been great! We are SO busy making plans with friends, trying new things, and working on the new house he just bought that time has really flown by. Seems like just what I needed to bounce me back from the low point in my life. He's pretty awesome. :) Stay tuned!

Currently still working at the AVCA! Can't believe it's been two plus years! We currently have the dream team staff and I love the people I work with everyday. I have decided to pursue my efforts of event planning and am currently studying to achieve my CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) designation. The test is in November and I have about 5 textbooks to learn before then. EEK!

Athena is always smiling!
Well the family front has taken some unexpected turns as well. We welcomed Athena Nadine into the world on January 2, 2012. So I am now an aunt! There has been plenty of drama and stress surrounding this topic, but in the interest of not depressing my readers, let's focus on the positive! She is the cutest, happiest baby I have ever seen and I can't get enough of her!  This situation is teaching me (or trying to teach me) to not worry in the present about something that could potentially happen in the future. I'm just trying to be a brave force for my family and be there when they need me. And maybe insert a few corny jokes while I'm there. That counts, right?

Since I promised to keep the new posts brief, I will end here. Feel free to leave some comments below or email me in the About Me section. Upcoming Posts: shoes, summer fashion, running.


  1. I'm so glad your posting again! I love reading these. And so proud of you for dealing with everything you've been through this past year, and coming out with a great outlook! :)
    Can't wait to come down to Lexington!
    Love you!
    Jen Riggan

  2. Event planning I made need u in two years for ur vow renewal
    Tawnya Barrett


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