Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer & Fall Fashion Trends

2012 Summer Trends

I know summer is coming to a close but I just wanted to briefly talk about the fashion trends this year. I typically don't enjoy summer looks but this year I dove in head first and found some classics I will certainly revisit next year!

1) Neon colors/Color blocking - I incorporated using accessories: belts, shoes, bags. I don't like all over color, so I wear my typical tone-downed main pieces with the pop of neon in the accessories.

Neon sandals. Here are some awesome ones that I found online. But, tip for you, you can get almost the same ones at Target for 1/2 the price! I got your back :)

2) Maxi Dresses - Just because it's a dress doesn't mean you're dressed up! This I why I love these. If you go for a cotton or jersey knit, with a casual print, you can wear these anywhere! You have the fun feel of a floor-length dress even when you are running to the grocery store! It's an easy piece to just grab and go! Great for when you aren't in the mood to show your legs in some shorts! (Happens often with me!) Also, you wear these with flats, so super comfy! I got this fab one (left) from JCP. Tip: JCP has some great finds and prices with dresses. You may have to dig a while and try on a bunch, but I typically find a diamond in the rough there!

3) Hi-Lo Hemlines - This is my favorite of the summer trends because it's new and works great with my body. I'm not crazy about the back of my thighs, but still want to show a little leg! So Voila - here you go! Again the one on the right is from JCP. I bought another one with more fall colors in a graphic print that I can't wait to wear. I think these will carry over to fall depending on the fabric/color so invest in one! Only downfall: I think they work best with a good size heel, so maybe not for the flats lovers out there.

Fall 2012 Trends

Why am I SO excited for fall? Because fall is my favorite fashion season! My favorite wardrobe palate is neutrals, creams, and saturated colors - hence, fall! Also, I could wear skinny jeans/tights/leggings tucked into boots all year round! Love! So let's explore what's going to be hot this season so we can all be on trend!

Click here for the Fall 2012 Runway Report.  Looks like this season is all about the bulk. Tweed, shawls, chunky sweaters/capes, fur (faux please!) are in! Mixed with retro lace, plaid, and white to balance it out. I like to scan through the pictures to see what the new trends will be and then envision how I would translate them into my wardrobe. Here's an example of MY interpretation. I don't claim to have a trained fashion eye.. this is just what I like!

Runway Look - Fall 2012
Wearable: Macy's Outfit

Look for chunky sweaters or shawls/capes. I will most likely use my thick infinity scarf to add to a look. There are also some military-looking jackets that I'm digging. If you find anything with a strong shoulder, maybe in an unexpected red or blue, grab it! I love them with gold or detailed buttons!

Finally, this is my new favorite DIY idea from Pinterest for this fall! Cut a sleeve from an old sweater to use as your boot sock without having the extra thickness in your boot! Genius!

Happy Fall Shopping, dolls!

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