Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guys Nag Too

He is on me all the time about turning off a light when I leave the room.

I am on him about folding his clean clothes that are sprawled all over the bedroom floor.

I'm nagging, but he's not?

He gets on me about my alarm going off multiple times because I enjoy the snooze button.

I get on him about keeping the kitchen counter clean of renovation tools so we can cook on it.

I'm nagging, but he's not?

He's constantly telling me to keep up with sweeping the cat hair off the new laminate floors.

I'm always telling him to empty the cat litter so it doesn't smell like piss in the spare bedroom.

I'm nagging, but he's not?

Double standard? You decide.

No, this isn't a boyfriend-bashing post. I was just having an interesting conversation with my friend Justine about how women always turn into these nagging girlfriends. But I think that's unfair. Why is it called nagging when we do it, but not when the guys do it?

The ancient perception that women take care of the house is old news. Now 20-something men are focusing on their careers and living alone, so they are doing their own laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Some of them actually are domestically responsible! Therefore, let's not let them off the hook from falling into the "nagging" category just because they have historically been lazy couch potatoes without a care in the world. Sorry, Charlie, you nag too!


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