Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love Language

Check out this interesting article my friend Justine sent to me. It talks about the 5 different ways people show love and affection to their significant other. Just because your man doesn't whisper sweet nothings into your ear all day, doesn't mean he doesn't show he cares for you. Taking out your trash? Washing your car? Wanting to spend a lazy Sunday watching TV with you? He cares!

I mainly was writing this post to remind myself that there are other ways to show you care besides the physical hand holding, kissing, etc. I guess I can cut Tim some slack sometimes :) Just because you might show it in different ways, doesn't mean one way is better than the other. BUT it does say in the article that you should be aware which method resonates best with your partner so that you can make an effort to do that more often.

I think I respond to all of them. I love spending quality time, but I definitely need the physical touch and words of affirmation every now and then. Not and overload, but on occasion makes it special! (Also... I don't mind a gift here and there as well...)

What are the ways you like to receive affection? What ways does your significant other prefer? Think about it! Talk about it!

In related news, another big change is happening in Kaliwood! Christina, my roommate of 2+ years, is moving to NKY/Cinci for a new job opportunity. (Excited for her!) Which means I needed to find a new living situation, stat. I've decided to move in with Tim! Eek!

Yes, this was not part of my plan just yet, and yes it's only been about 8 months so call me crazy. Also, Tim's house is under constant renovation so I will be moving in during that craziness. BUT we pretty much live together now and I just can't pass up the convenience this would create! I know it won't be all rainbows and butterflies, but I'm confident we can make it work! I'm excited! :)

So, hopefully, my current crazy work load, trying to move my life to a new location, studying for my CMP, and training for my upcoming 5K doesn't snowball into a full on panic attack!  Here goes!


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