Thursday, September 6, 2012

See If It Sticks

So I am that typical use-to-be-high-school-athlete-and-weigh-120-pounds. Then, of course, college hit, the 2 hour workouts everyday stopped, and well, we all know how that goes.

So for the past 6 years or so I've been trying everything. Not that I want to lose a drastic amount of weight (I would be happy with 10-15 pounds), but I wanted to find something that I could adopt as a lifestyle and stop fighting this fight everyday!

I THINK I might have finally found that. Running outside. Why has it taken me this long you ask? Because whenever I tried it in the past I would run for half a mile and my legs would quit. I could not understand how people were running out there for MILES. So I chalked it up as a loss.

Well then, one drunken night at our favorite spot, Drake's, my good friend Amanda got me to agree to sign up for a 5K. (That lil trickster.) So we started my "training" one day and went for a run together. I took off running and this is how it went down:
Amanda: "What are you doing?!?!"
Me: "What? Running..."
Amanda: You are running WAY too fast!!

And the heaven's opened up and the light started shining down on me and the angels did their "AHHHH" song. Epiphany! This whole time I was running way too fast for distance. Who freakin' knew?? So I started running at Amanda's pace and before I knew it, we had run 2 miles. And I haven't turned back since.

For my first 5k I just planned to run at my pace (which is really slow!) and my goal was to finish without stopping. I finished in 30 minutes and 11 seconds without stopping! So I achieved my goal and blew my normal 11-12 minute/mile out of the water!

So, the point is, I think I found what works for me. I can't say that I'm totally converted and out running everyday. I still get lazy/tired or want to go to Happy Hour instead, but this is the one workout that I actually look forward to doing and don't hate it the entire time. I like the fresh air and the time to think and clear my mind. And the endorphins afterwards rock! I always get home wanting to clean, cook, do laundry, just be productive!

I've started to add in some weight training as well. Run for a couple miles then hit the gym for some arms and legs. I want to lose weight but tone up, so hopefully this will get me where I want to be.

This definitely isn't a "running" blog because I am certainly not qualified for that type of thing. But if these fitness reads interest you, check out my friend Rennay, the Vegetarian in the Ville! Her triathlon experience is sure to inspire you!

Also, if you haven't heard of the website/app MAP MY RUN, you need to check it out! You can have it running on your phone and it GPS maps your entire run. So at the end you have all the statistics you need: Distance, time, pace, elevation, calories burned, etc. And the website allows you to map out routes before you run them to see if it's one you would like to do. Check it out!

Besides the trying to stay fit factor, I've found that running helps me in other ways. Like I said it clears my mind, it de-stresses me, and gives me energy to do other things. So I looked up the not-so-obvious benefits and here are some awesome things running can do for you!

Running Benefits

  • weight loss
  • produces endorphins
  • healthy for your bones
  • reduces the risk of breast cancer and risk of having a stroke or heart attack
  • boosts your immune system
  • combats depression
  • lowers your stress level
  • can boost your self-confidence
  • improves mental alertness

See you on the pavement! 


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  1. Yay my first shout out via blog! I still have a good 40-50 pounds to lose so I'm not sure if my blog is the right kind of fitness blog. So glad you found something you like though, too bad you used to tease me for being a marathoner >:(


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