Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October in the Bluegrass

I don't have much time to post something fancy. Work, moving, and travel are keeping me too busy to do much of anything. So here are some updates in Kaliwood. Welcome to Fall in the Bluegrass! ((Will be rocking my riding boots for the first time this year on Friday.. I can't describe my excitement!))

  • Last weekend was the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K in downtown Lexington. The family came down to walk in it, and Tim and I ran. Dave, Justine, and Lee also ran! (Dave also came to brunch with my family, just so you know!) I haven't run in that cold of weather before (it was pretty chilly) and it was tough on the throat breathing in that cold air. But I did it! Tim refused to train before hand but was a runner in college so he had no problem running at my pace the entire time. My first ever 5K time was 30:11. My goal was just to beat that. Well my official time was 30:13. I failed by 2 seconds. UGH. I blame the beginning of the race when we were trying to maneuver out of the big bunches of crowd, since the first race had a much smaller group. But, in the end, I pretty much did the same. There's always next time!

Wow, we look rough!

  • The moving process is just that.. a process. Mom and Dad (and Derek and Tim!) were a huge help last weekend moving all the big furniture in the van. Almost eveything is moved. I still have stuff to put in boxes and bring over, but I can do that next week. Even though everything is at Tim's, though, it's mostly in boxes in the dining room. So next week I will have to start going through everything and finding a place to put things. Just looking at that massive pile stresses me out. But I have managed to go through all of my clothes (drawers and closet) and Tim's clothes too. We got rid of a bunch and I packed away my summer items to save room. Now onto the shoes... which may be a bigger task. Sigh.
    Dad and Derek on moving duty

  • Tonight we are leaving for Shittsburgh Pittsburgh. Actually, we are stopping in West Virginia tonight and then heading to PA tomorrow afternoon. Tim's friend is getting married Saturday night and he's going to the bachelor party Thursday night. I will spend Thurs night and Fri morning studying.. yay. But the wedding should be fun and I'm really excited to finally meet all of his friends!

  • Work is crazy because its the AVCA and it's the Fall. Pretty much speaks for itself. Things won't calm down until after Convention in December. But, I can't say I don't love the chaos. Makes it fun.

  • Next Wednesday I am getting Invisalign. I will be wearing them for a year and a half and the adventure starts next week. Wish I could say I was pumped for that! At least you won't be able to hear my lisp when reading my blog.

  • Next weekend: Going to Keeneland! 

  • Weekend after: Halloween Party! A bunch of the girls are going to be My Little Ponies. When researching which one I was going to be I came across "Shady". Hot pink and neon yellow with sunglasses as her cutie mark. Pretty much sums me up!  
"Shady" My Little Pony

 Hope you have a Relaxing Weekend!!

Oliver Senior aka "Ollie"


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