Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Does That Make Me Weird?... Wednesday

"Does that make me weird" Wednesday! Just some tidbits that I find odd about myself. Good for hump day. (It's seriously only Wednesday????)

  • I dilute Gatorade when I drink it. About 2/3 Gatorade, 1/3 water.

  • Sometimes it's easier to prance in high heels than it is to walk in them. (See: Carrie Bradshaw)

  • I use to write the Advice Column for my high school newspaper. People would write their problems to "Pandora" and I would respond.

  • I call everything that's cute and cuddly, "boo-boo". Like the cats. And Tim.

  • I am strictly right handed, but I am more comfortable driving with my left hand.

  • I refuse to turn a Rascal Flatts song off the radio even if I'm not in the mood to hear it. I mean.. it's Rascal...

  • I prefer to drink room temperature water instead of ice cold water.

  • While I'm trying to fall asleep at night I go through an inventory of my clothes in my mind to try to think of what to wear the next day. Most times I fall asleep before I have the outfit complete.. sometimes I get lucky!

  • My favorite color is yellow but I probably only own 1 yellow item of clothing or accessory.

  • I eat boned chicken wings and pizza with a fork and a knife. I guess I eat almost everything with a fork and a knife...

Feel free to judge. What do you do that's weird?

Side note: When I was in Pittsburgh for a wedding, we went to this old Catholic church that had been converted into a brewery to join the rehersal dinner crew for some drinks. It was awesome. Huge church and the alter had been replaced with the brewing vats. I remember texting my Dad the following picture and saying: "Look we are drinking in an old Catholic church that's been converted to a brewery!" Dad's response: "Are you sure it's not still an active church?"

Haha gotta love the Catholics.

Going home Friday-Saturday this weekend to see the fam. So excited to see little Athena. She's getting so big and crawling! She'll be 1 on Jan 2nd. BAH!



  1. 1. I also dilute Gatorade unless I've had a particularly brutal workout like my long rides in the 100 degree summer heat.

    2. Room temperature water is actually better for your digestion than ice cold is. But ice cold water increases your metabolism.

    So no, you're not TOTALLY weird.

  2. Stopping by from Blonde Ambition. I prefer room temperature water and its nice to find someone else that does. New follower as well! Kelly


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