Sunday, November 4, 2012

We (Almost) Adopted a Dog

Meet this adorable little guy:

We named him Arian. But we didn't take him home with us. I shall explain...

Tim and I were out today running some errands. We stopped in PetSmart to get cat food and (of course!) they were doing an adopt event with the Lexington Humane Society. We were browsing all the dogs and came across this Hound Mix. His colors were too cool to ignore. He was a 5 month old sweetie. Tim was being nonchalant about it, saying if you want him, get him. Well, that wasn't going to fly with me considering this was going to be a team effort and it would be at his house! Basically, Tim loves animals and wants a dog eventually, so he was game if I was totally set on it. But I was torn.

So we left and ran another errand to Target across the street. As we are walking through the isles Tim is saying how cute that dog was and how he would name his "Arian" after Arian Foster of the Texans (his favorite team). I literally started tearing up because now that floppy earred, tail-wagging little guy had a name! I was SO stressed going back and forth and being so indecisive. I wanted to rescue this puppy so terribly bad, but was it the right time? Were we prepared?

We started talking about what we would do with him while we were at work and what we would do about traveling. We even went BACK to PetSmart after Target to ask some questions about him before they closed. On the way home, Tim again said it was my decision.

So I've been sitting here trying to make a decision and I finally have. We aren't going to adopt little Arian (Benny is his current name). As much as I love dogs and want to get him out of there, I am a firm believer that pet adoption cannot be an impulse buy. You have to be prepared for it. I know from experience owning a dog and dog sitting for a year, that dogs are a lot harder than you think. Especially puppies. Thinking I could potty train a puppy as winter is approaching and when we are so busy is not realistic. And then, it's not fair to the dog.

I hated when people I knew in college apartments would adopt a dog on a whim and then always have to give it up or pawn it off on a family member. Adopting a dog is a forever thing to me so I want to go in prepared, and knowing that we are ready. Looking back now, I definitely made the right decision. ((Inner logic screaming: "You just moved in together! Pump the breaks, girlfriend!!"))

Anyway, the moral of this story is, if you are an animal lover and want to get a new pet, PLEASE make sure you do you research first and make sure you realistically prepare yourself and your family. Secondly, PLEASE PLEASE rescue an animal! There are AWESOME dogs and cats at your local humane society. Don't pay an outrageous amount for a pure bred dog. Save a life!

I hope Benny/Arian goes to a great home. He's a great dog so I'm sure he will. Our time will come, and when it does, I'll be sure to share with you guys!


After posting this blog, I got a related email from Dad. Please read below for a laugh!


From our phone conversation last night, I think you might consider the following points about a dog -

1.       Someone will always have to get home to leave the dog out, and someone will have to pick up the dog logs (something that you have never done except when being paid!)

2.       Someone will always have to walk the dog, even on cold or rainy nights (again, something that you have never done except when being paid!)

3.       When you go on a trip you will have to board the dog in kennel or convince one of your friends to watch the dog (and pick up the dog logs)

4.       Do not think that we would be able to babysit the dog, Levi doesn’t even like us living in the same house, much less another dog.

That being said, if you decide to get a dog, please get one friendly and smarter than Levi, that should not be hard to do!

Call me tonight and let me know what you decide to do.


He cracks me up. Best. Dad. Ever.


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  1. This makes my little animal rescuing/loving heart so happy :)


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