Friday, December 21, 2012

Confessional Friday

A couple things. First, sorry about the hiatus. Work kicked my rear end and I was off the social grid for the past week and a half. Now trying to get back into the swing of things. I thought this week would be super chill and give me plenty of time to blog. Wrong! The follow-up from Convention has been a lot more work than anticipated. BUT, just have to get to Friday at noon and I'm home free until Jan 2!

Secondly, I just decided that we are hosting a NYE party at our house! Which means I need some drinks and decor ideas, stat! I'm thinking shine/sparkle/glamour theme (shocker). Pinterest, here I come. Any ideas?? Comment below or email me (left).

Hopefully I can get back into the twitter world as well:

Finally, if you want to follow my blog, just look to your right and click "Join this Site". Then it will show up in the blogs you subscribe to on Google! Fun times.

On that note, I confess...

~ That I cannot recall when my last hair appointment was. Therefore, my roots are about 3 inches long. I've been lying that I'm trying out the ombre effect, but really, my hair just looks ridic. Getting fixed on Christmas Eve, peeps!

 ~ That I ate an entire 10 inch cheese bread from Papa Johns last night by myself. And finished it off with 2 pieces of dark chocolate.

~ That I haven't worked out since work got crazy and the time changed so it started getting dark at 5pm. Sooo like October? Fully plan to start back up in January! (Says every single person on this planet.)

~ That for some reason I absolutely love wrapping presents. And I love making bows from the left over scraps.

Clearly I was out of double-sided wrapping paper but couldn't resist!

~ That even though I complain about how much Convention is hard work, I love the challenge and the rewarding feeling I get when it is all over.

~ That I'm actually glad Gossip Girl is coming to an end just so Chuck and Blair can finally be together! (At least, it better end up that way!!)

~ That my girl, Amanda, and I have entire text message conversations in all hashtags. #yesimbeingserious #donthatetheplayerhatethegame

Peace out, girl scouts!

Have a good weekend and Merry Christmas!!


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