Thursday, December 6, 2012

MY Denis the Menace

A few days ago, I read this post from my dear friend, Vegetarian in the Ville. She got her first taste of being a parent when her precious little pit got sick! She had to stay up all night taking care of her, the poor thing. This was an interesting parenting lesson for someone who has chosen to not have kids.

Little did I know, I would be getting my own little parenting lesson just a couple days later. The key detail is, while Ms. Ville has chosen not to go the route of spit up and diapers (at least from a human), I DO plan to have kids. (In the far future.) SO, that makes me much more afraid of this little sneak peak.

Meet: Oliver Senior, aka Ollie, aka Walter, aka (newly) Denis the Menace

Look at that playful little boy

So sweet and innocent!

Pictured here with Oliver Junior

"Wake up, Mom"

I mean who couldn't love this snuggle bug??

Ollie typically spends all day outside, and comes in at night to take all of my space snuggle in bed. Well yesterday, Tim received a letter from the Home Owners Association (HOA) regarding our "yellow tabby kitty". And they continued to refer to him in the letter as "kitty". What grown person uses that word?

Anyway, apparently he's been terrorizing the dogs in the neighborhood. (I've seen him go after them hissing instead of just running away), he's climbing on cars, sleeping on cars, and who knows what else. The letter just said they've "had some complaints" and that they request he stays inside.

Why do I feel like my child just got called to the principle's office?

Now the test of mother-hood. My first reaction: This is my child! How dare you tell me he can't go outside! Just because he's not scared of dogs, he shouldn't be punished for sticking up for himself!

Tad dramatic much? Oh dear, I'm going to be one of those....

Next reaction: Well I wouldn't want someones cat sleeping on my car and potentially scratching it. But Ollie loves being outside. Keeping him inside would be miserable for him and us. He would just cry at the door.

Tim's initial reaction: *BLEEP* *BLEEP*...HOA....*BLEEP*

Oh dear, he's going to be one of those...

Anyway, the person writing the letter wants Tim to call him to discuss. THAT should be interesting. Not sure anything is going to get resolved. If only Ollie wasn't such a menace out there!!! He's so chill and sweet at home! Maybe we'll just keep him in more often or only let him out at night... who knows.

This is only a GLIMPSE of the struggles of parenting. This isn't even technically my cat and I'm pulling the "how dare you speak about my baby like that!" SHEESH

At least I have a LONG time to worry about that issue. I still think cats and dogs are way cuter than babies at this point :)

Except Athena.... but I'm biased :)

>>I will be at our annual Convention for work over the next week and a half! Working full days non-stop and no sleep! Sooo don't expect a new post anytime soon. Back after the craziness! Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!


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