Friday, December 28, 2012

Sassy Peach

This past week was the spare bathroom make over. It's still coming along but thought I'd share some pics! We got brand new tile floor, new vanity/sink, light fixtures, toilet, towel racks, and wall color.

I could only find one "before" picture. Can you say hideous??? (Imagine my face seeing this for the first time. YEA.)

I am typically terrified of color. In clothing, decor, fabrics, etc. Hence why 3/4 of our walls are grey. However, I have to admit I love a pop of unexpected color in a bathroom.

We tried to go for a pale peach/orange color but ended up with an INTENSE peach/orange. It's definitely got some sass to it. So, instead of buying new paint and re-doing it, I decided to take on the challenge and try to decorate it so that it was not only bearable, but cute!

Got a toned-down shower curtain with a subtle pattern in the same color pallet to attempt to ground the color.

New vanity and mirror!

Went with art that is textured and has some shine! Love shine and metallics in a bathroom.

No detail is too small right?? Check out the fabulous new tile and the funky vent cover! Love it!!

With the art and the accessories I wanted to show that I wasn't afraid of the Sassy Peach and could embrace the color. So went with some peachy pink accents to pull it together.

It's still a work in progress, and I'm not sure I'll go with the same color in the future. But for an amateur decorator, I think we made it work! Our guests will just get a little JOLT of color upon entrance :)

Now to keep cleaning and planning for the NYE party! Will share pictures next week!

Have a fabulous weekend loves!



  1. Great blog!! May I follow?

    Happy New Year from a fellow Kentucky blogger :)


    1. Certainly! You can follow on the top right of the page! Thanks!

  2. Your bathroom is looking great! Definitely an improvement!! I lived in an apartment with my sister a few years ago where we could paint the walls and we each had our own bathroom. I dreamt up a creamsicle orange-and-white color combo and bought a paint that I thought would be light orange. It was more like "OR-RUN-JAH". Like you, I thought, "Whatever. I'll rock this."

    But your bathroom is way cuter than that one! Nice work!


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