Monday, January 28, 2013

Adopt Love ~ Welcome, Piper!

Sooo, remember this post? I said our time would come when we were ready. Well, our time has come! And we have a new addition to the household!

I'll start at the beginning. We went to the Lexington Humane Society/Petsmart several times last week. We talked strategy: what we would do with the dog when we were at work, traveling, tag-team training, etc. We were open to adopting now, but only if we found the right one. Otherwise, we would wait until we moved and got a fenced in yard.

So Saturday morning we went back to the Humane Society to check out a couple dogs we had narrowed it down to. We played with several of them and kept going back and forth between wanting a young dog (5mo - 1 year) or getting an adult dog. There was even a 2 month old German Shepherd puppy that I had to tear myself away from.

So after playing with a couple dogs and doing the "cat test" with them (walking them by the office cat), there wasn't one that really stuck out.

I walked right by our now puppy's cage because she was in the back lying down quietly, whereas the other dogs are up by the door wanting attention. But Tim, being the "to the rescue" guy that he is, saw this little girl scared in the back and went in the cage to pet her. She was super timid but he managed to get the leash around her to bring her to the play room.

And what do you know! As soon as she got in there she was full of energy, running around, playing, licking us. What a delight! She passed the cat test because she really wanted nothing to do with him, which was a good sign.

Before I knew it we were signing papers and picking out collars/leashes. She is SUCH a sweet, calm girl, but still has that puppy in her which makes her super playful. Such a great combo! She was listed as a Miniature Pinscher/German Shepard mix and shes's 7 months old. I haven't weighed her yet but she's probably 25 pounds or so and they said she's pretty much full grown.

Tim wanted to name her Piper and she def looks like a Piper so it stuck. We've had her for 2 days now and I'm in love. :)

Here she is on the car ride home...

On the way home from the Humane Society!

And once she got home...

She had no hesitancy cuddling up on the couch!

Sweet baby!

Good things so far:
  • I THINK she might be potty trained already (knock on wood). We assumed we would have to train her on this from the start, but she hasn't had any accidents and goes well outside. So, that's awesome!
  • She's still puppy enough to be super playful, but when we want to chill on the couch, she's ready to snuggle up and relax!
  • Because of her mix, she will make a good running companion for me! I will have to train her on it, but she should be able to run 2-3 miles with me a couple times a week!
  • She is very smart and already knows how to sit. She's a good listener so far, so I can tell training will be quick and effective!

Things we need to work on:
  • The cats didn't react well to her. The older/dominant cat attacked her and Junior (the younger one) ran away. We are still looking for him, so def worried about that. Ollie is being very cautious around the house and hissing at her. So we need to get them use to each other.
  • She hasn't eaten much since she's been home. We bought food that is different than what she ate at the shelter, so that might be why. I fed her some out of my hand yesterday, but she ended up throwing up a few times, so not sure what that's about. She goes to the vet this week so hopefully we can figure it out.

Snuggle Bug

She wore Daddy out playing!

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  1. What great timing for the link-up! Piper's personality sounds very similar to my Cosmo's! I think calm, submissive dogs make the best pets! Hopefully you can get the food situation worked out--we went through that with Cosmo when we first got him. We even had to force-feed him Pedialite so he wouldn't get dehydrated! Once he got more used to us and his new home, hew as fine!

    Congratulations on your new addition and thanks for linking up with us today!

  2. She is adorable! And yay for adopting her! There is always that adjustment period when you bring the new "baby" home, just takes patience. The first night with our newly adopted dog, he whined all night like he was so confused and it broke my heart. And he wouldn't go to the bathroom for the first week....but about 2 weeks later he was comfortable and now he runs the house. You'll just have to hit your stride :) Thanks so much for linking up! I'm following you now and can't wait to read more! (I consider myself a Kentucky girl....I went to EKU)

    1. Yay for KY girls! I am following you now too! Let me know if/when you guys are doing another dogs link up and I'll write a Piper update!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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