Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Happy Tuesday, chicks! I hope it's not Terrible Tuesday for you today. Hopefully it's Terrific Tuesday! Anyone have something exciting going on? Let me know!

Today is going to be random. I thought I would start sharing one of my fav work outfits with you once a week. So, here is one that I wore last week that I love. Note: I don't have a fancy camera or a bf who will go out to a barn and take artsy photos of me (yet). SO, for now, you get the MySpace mirror shots. I know, I know, super tacky awesome.

(Just realized I look like a dinosaur in that second one. RAWR.)

I love this ensemble because the skinny pants (I call them cigarette pants) are actually quite flattering (although you can't tell from the pic) and make you look long and lean! These are also green with a pattern so they give some interest. I also just bought this top online and looove it! Be care about going sheer at work, ladies! This one I decided was OK because the black cami under hides enough and all you really see is my shoulders. But isn't the lace detail to die??? It's super lightweight and feminine.

Top it all off with some kitten heels. Wearing a heel is a must with these pants or else you look stumpy! The higher the better!

Pants: New York and Company
Top: The Limited
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: (Can't remember!) Check DSW for some black kitten heel staples. Will be worth the investment!

You will note a trend as we do this each week: Most of my professional wardrobe comes from NYC and the Limited. You can look good and not go broke, ladies! Trust me.


Also, remember I told you we got a new kitchen countertop? YAY! Well below are some pics! The kitchen is not completed, still need new appliances, backsplash, etc. BUT, you have to admit, getting rid of that puke yellow top and vent hood was a serious step up!




And finally for today, the totally noob blogger that I am when it comes to technology has figured out how to create a Kaliwood button! Check it out!


I eventually plan to hire one of the mastermind blog designers that many of you use to sass-ify this lil ole blog, but until then, the button is a fun new addition for me!

SO, if you have a button and want it on Kaliwood, just let me know! We can swap and I'll be happy to showcase yours! You can grab mine from the HTML code under the button at the top right of this page.

Whose up for a button swap?? (Why does this feel like girl scouts??)

Have a fabulous Tuesday, ladies!


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