Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Wednesday - Photos!

So I wasn't planning on posting today since you got your fill Monday and yesterday AND you are getting a post tomorrow. BUT, this just came to me soooo here you go!

My boyfriend has a very interesting job. I can't actually post what it is, but just know that it's not your everyday 9-5. Currently he is in another area of the state sitting in his car literally all day. I can tell he is super bored. How can I tell? He has been sending me the most random screen shots all day.

So random that I thought, well this is Random Wednesday.. so let's share these! Also included are Tim's remarks (if appropriate enough to share).

"Megan Fox is a nut job."

"Be careful in your office today."

And just a random photo from me. Because I am now the crazy cat lady...

How many cats can you find? Hehe.


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