Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. Bedroom Decor

So for today's Saw it. Pinned it. Did it., I am showing you some of the inspirations for my bedroom decor, and then what I did with it! Obviously, I'm not an interior decorator, and plan to do more permanent decor once we move to a house that we will be in for a while, but this is what I came up with using the pieces I had.  My color scheme is always neutral focused. This one with a pop of my favorite color, yellow! (If you can't tell from my blog design.)

Original Pins:

This is the actual comforter I have! Mine is currently off-white because three animals treat it like a bed, but whatevs.

Love these funky little end tables and the unique headboard design. 

Trying to convince Tim to let me do a focal wall in a patterned wall paper! 

My version:

I love adding random pillows that don't match exactly but still "go".

Picture frames and white/creme vases to compliment.

These are pics from my last apartment, but it's the same in our current home. We just now have dark grey walls with white crown molding! :)

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You fav guest poster, Amanda, will be back next week! She's got some big news!
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Over the Shoulder Bag

So the other day I was on a hunt at Target for a casual over-the-shoulder bag. And the fashion gods were smiling down upon me because I found exactly what I was looking for! This picture doesn't really do it justice, but here it is!

Shoulder bag

So I started to think of some casual outfits I wanted to rock this spring with my new bag. I created two looks that have some pieces I already own, and some ideas for new items. Here they are!

Casual Spring 2013

Markus lupfer
$400 -

River Island brown wedge booties
$54 -

Crossbody handbag

ASOS slim jeans

Casual Spring 2013 - 2

Chiffon blouse
$37 -

Madewell shoes

Crossbody handbag

Kate spade bangle

Pendant jewelry
$18 -

Sheer shawl

What do you think?? I have similar boots and button up in the first one and already own the orange blouse and skinny khakis. I think I have a scarf that will work, but love the color of the one above! Looks like I need to hunt for a graphic sweater and some new bright colored bangles! Yay for new season shopping!!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Bachelor Recap *Spoiler Alert*

Hello Kaliwood residents! Today's talk is about last night's episode of The Bachelor...

Shocker of season! I can't believe he sent AshLee home. I really thought Lindsay was going home. So WOWzer, we were shocked when he called her first. Then I had NO clue who he was going to call. And to be honest, I was kind of scared for AshLee. She kept talking about how he "put her heart back together" and she finally opened up to him. Ruh roh.

Thoughts on the episode...
  • Am I the only one who judges the girls by how they read the fantasy suite cards?
  • Was it weird to anyone else that during a conversation, AshLee was like, "OK so I like a cushion cut with diamonds all the way around and my ring size is 6.5" Um hello???? How-To-Not-Scare-Men-Away 101!!!!
  • I know the bachelor is somewhat obligated to lead the girls on, or else the dates wouldn't go according to plan, and the audience would clearly know his feelings. But dang. The way he was treating/talking about AshLee on their date - no wonder she was blind-sighted! They all would've been. He was very convincing with each woman.
  • The more I think about it, the more Sean's choice makes sense. He wants someone fun and goofy to laugh with. Lindsay and Catherine have that. AshLee is more intense and emotional (see the personal video messages) and I don't think he wanted to deal with that all the time.
  • AshLee was shooting Sean the look of death when she got eliminated. And I think she had a right to be pissed. Also, his "explanation" was not an explanation. At least be real with her and tell her WHY you are letting her go. Don't just give her the typical, "You're a great person" and "I really thought it was going to be you."
  • Now that it's down to the final two, I'm going to say Lindsay is the safe choice for Sean, and Catherine is the wild card. But let's be serious. Sean is a man and men love the wild card. So I'm calling Catherine for the win!

Did you know that Sean's sister blogs? Check it out here. On the regular, she blogs about her family and cooking, but on Tuesdays she does a Bachelor recap and shares some inside secrets about how the show works! It's fun to read from her perspective!

Here are some of my fav tweets about the show last night...

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Have a great Tuesday!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kaliwood Fashion Awards: 2013 Oscars

Happy Monday, lovelies! I know you are mean-muggin me right now because it's Monday morning - which usually sucks. But take a few more swigs of your coffee and get pumped for some Kaliwood Awards! The Oscars are my fav, because everyone brings their fashion A game. Or at least they try to. Let's see who sizzled and who sunk...

Best Dressed: Gold 

Whoa, Amy! Now that is a movie star! I can't get enough of this dress. It's perfect head to toe. And Amy is totally owning it. Which makes it that much better!

Best Dressed: Silver

Arguably the most beautiful women on the planet, Charlize looks stunning. The smooth white fabric with the peplum and the V neckline. It's just all working. Only reason she didn't get Gold: her pixie hair cut. Just not feeling it.

Best Dressed: Bronze 

 These two lovely ladies tied for 3rd. I couldn't decide! They both look great. Jessica can do no wrong in my eyes. Love the classic chic number she's rocking. I wasn't crazy about her hair part, but she is flawless. Naomi Watts looks great with the "fly away" updo. And props to her for trying out a unique neckline with some structure. She hit the mark with this!

Sexy Swag Award

When Hallie walked out on stage in this dress, I already liked it. But her walk to the mic was filled with swag. She was clearly thinking "Yea, I know I look drop dead gorgeous." Her swag won me over! Way to own it, giiiirl. 

Standout Award

Reese gets this one because the carpet was cluttered with nude-tone metallic gowns. She was one of the few who came out rocking a bold color! Love the royal blue and black.

Cutest Pregnant Couple

Doesn't Channing's wife looks so cute while pregnant?? I think she did a great job embracing the bump. (OK, you caught me. I just wanted to throw up a pic of Channing, the sexiest man ever.)

Biggest Disappointment

 Zoe, my love, you always look stunning on the red carpet! I was expecting something FAB from you. But I was let down. With the belt and the feathers and the ombre at the bottom - just to much going on. 

Just Missed the Mark

I love this dress from the waist down. But the top?? Is there even a top??? Sister, cover those puppies up! This dress could have been amazing, even more stunning in a vibrant color. But the top just kills it. Trashy, not classy.

Worst Dressed

Shocked Anne is winning this one? Me too! This reminds me of a bad prom dress from when I was in high school. The flimsy structure, mixed with the neckline that only looks great if done just right, this one was just a complete #fail. And the thin strap going around the neck? BAH! It hurts my eyes!!!
Anne, no excuse for this. You knew you had a chance to win and now everytime you go back and watch your acceptance speech, you have to see this horrid number. 

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Friday, February 22, 2013

A Guest Post & A Giveaway!

It's Fri-day, Fri-day! Gotta get down on Fri-day! Gotta get my bowl, gotta get cereal....

Moving on.

We have some fun stuff for this Friday! I am teaming up with two fierce fabu-lites!

1} Kait from Grid Iron Lipstick


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I think this might be the first week I've ever posted every day! Who knew I had so much time on my hands!

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Have a great weekend! Can't wait to read all about it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. ~ Messy Side Bun

Original Pin:

I liked this updo, but wanted something I could do quickly and not have to worry about it being perfect, so I did a little casual, hassle-free version of it.

My steps:

  1. Use a 2" barrel curling iron to curl the ends of your hair all the way around.
  2. Comb it out with a pick to loosen curls. Hairspray.
  3. Tease at the crown so you get some volume on top and don't have the slicked back look.
  4. Gather into a pony on the side of your head just below and behind the ear. Leave out front piece on that side.
  5. Instead of taking a piece, curling it around and pinning, I took pieces and let them fall as they wanted to, then pinned them. This makes it look more random and "messy" than the original pin.
  6. Keep taking and pinning pieces until they are all secure. 
  7. Hairspray. Pin any loose areas. Hairspray.
  8. Twist back the front pieces and pin. 

My casual version:

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