Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Blog, Bachelor, Book, and Bubbly!

{OK, so wine isn't really bubbly, but I needed another "B" word!}

Aapparently yesterday was National Drink Wine Day! Unforunately, I didn't get this news until about 9pm. However, I wasn't going to let that stop me! Went straight to my 8 rack wine cooler and popped open some chardonnay!

I happened to be watching the Bachelor, blogging, and reading my newest book, so a glass of wine seemed to fit in perfectly!!

And yes... I usually sometimes drink white wine from a red wine glass just because it holds more. #feelfreetojudge

Has anyone read Gone Girl? I'm only a couple pages in, so not sure what to expect yet. It doesn't seem like my usual read, but I got several books for Xmas that I picked off the bestseller list so hopefully it's good!

And since I watched the Bachelor last night I'll give my thoughts. *Spoiler Alert*

  • I'm surprised he sent Des home. I thought she was a front runner the entire time and seemed the most "real". Yea, her brother is lame, but I'm sure that could be worked out. It seemed like he just wanted to start drama for no reason. But maybe that's a deal breaker for people.
  • I think Lindsay is cute and sweet, but not sure if she has a lot of substance. She was never one of my favorites, so I just don't see it.
  • I really like Catherine because she's so fun and bubbly. And when they are together, Sean has SO much fun. With that being said, after the hometown date, her sisters might have ruined it for me. It doesn't sound like Cat is ready to jump into an engagement at the end of this. And I totally get that. I think this show should lead to a healthy, monogamous relationship at the end, not necessarily a rock on her finger. (Although if it's a big rock....)
  • I really like Ashley. She's a little too emotional for me, but if he can handle that, then great! She's a sweetheart and I think they would be good together. 

I would also like to mention that because I really liked Des, I was disappointed with her exit. I thought she would hold her head high and walk out of there with her dignity. But she chose to drop kick it off the balcony. She was begging him to change his mind and went overboard with the dramatics in the car saying "I just want to give someone my love" and "Why doesn't this work for me?" Save it, sister. You are beautiful, smart, and seem like a cool person. You won't have any trouble finding someone.

What I'm wearing:

Riding Boots: JCPenney - Option
Cowl Neck Sweater: NY&C - Option
Skinny Dress Pants: NY&C - Option

(P.S. NY&C is having a BOGO FREE any pants sale, including denim! I took advantage of this the other day! Go getcha some!)

Tell me...
Did you celebrate National Drink Wine Day?
What were your thoughts on the Bachelor last night? Let's make the call - who's going to win it all?
What are you wearing today?
Did you snag any great deals during the President's Day sales?

I'm linking up with the lovely, Alisa, for The Bachelor update! Check her out!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Love your post! Also, loving this new design! Glad you had Shannon redesign your blog for you! Noticed you have a new button, you want me to update your ad so it matches???

  2. It was national drink wine day?!? Dang it! I even went out for drinks with a girlfriend, but I had a beer. I'm so disappointed in myself. ;)

    Love your outfit, your boots are so cute!

  3. I so wish I knew about this sooner - I totally would have joined in!
    Love your outfit!

  4. I just finished Gone Girl and I'm still not over it. So good!


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