Monday, February 18, 2013

A Jewelry Coincedence

So I was throwing on some accessories the other day and ended up with the ones above. As I was sitting at my desk absentmindedly twirling the bracelets around my wrist, I realized something interesting: three of the pieces I was wearing were from important women in my life!

Most of my jewelry is from random boutiques. I'm pretty picky about jewelry and either love it or hate it. But on this day I had put on the silver pendant necklace you see in the middle. I love wearing this one when I can because it was actually my late grandmother's who use to wear it ALL the time. I was so happy when I was able to inherit it because I love wearing something that she did! And isn't it so great when trends come back around? I love how this necklace looks and how it's super long, and it just makes it even that much more special that it was Gram's. She was such a spit-fire of a woman. I love and miss her.

Once I was thinking about the necklace I realized that one of the bracelets was from my aunt who happens to be my godmother. Then, in shock, I realized the other bracelet was from my OTHER godmother, a family friend. At this point I just laughed. I had put no thought into these accessories when leaving the house and now realized how crazy it was that they are all from these women!

The cream one in the top right is from my Aunt Patti who lives in New York. I remember when she bought this for me. It was one of those "I have to have it" pieces and I still am obsessed with it to this day.

The Pandora bracelet is from my other godmother, Rosemary. She's not technically related, but a dear friend of the family and we've always had a special bond.

I've had and still have some great women role models in my life. I love that I can represent them on a daily basis with beautiful pieces like these. I also always thought it was special that I have two godmothers. I like being a little bit different than the rest. :)

Do you wear any pieces from loved ones??


This weekend was a pretty low-key one for me. Which I'm OK with! Tim and I were good doggy parents and took Piper to the dog park Saturday even though it was freezing out! There were a lot of dogs and Piper was running around like a maniac - per usual. She's small, but she's fast and spunky! At one point a couple male dogs were going after her -- if you know what I mean. Luckily, she's fixed!! I felt like Charlotte in SATC when her pooch Elizabeth Taylor got jumped at the dog park.

Totally pooped after the dog park extravaganza!

We also spent the weekend ripping up all of the carpet upstairs to prepare for new carpet this week. Manual labor is totally not my thing, but it wasn't too bad. Just going to be living in upheaval for a few days. I hope know I can stick it out! Here are some pics to prove I ripped out carpet! I just realized I'm not in any of them, but I promise I helped!

We also got our Martha Stewart on this weekend. We made Tim's grandma's chili (the bomb dot com), some {skinny} homemade buffalo chicken dip, and some funfetti cupcakes! (Are there any other kind?) Yum-tastic!

Happy Monday! (meh.)


  1. I love wearing pieces from my grandmothers and great grandmothers. I have a lot of them since I'm the first grandaughter on both sides.

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  2. Love all the accessories! Very pretty!
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  3. I love your jewelry, and they're so personal, that makes them so much more fun to wear!

    Your dogs are adorable!

  4. love the jewelry! i actually wear my engagement ring which was my great grandmother's!

  5. Love the sweet doggy pictures! Thanks for linking up :)

  6. That's so cool that you were wearing jewelry from all of them. That's really special :)
    Aw Piper is a cutie pie!

    Thanks so much for linking up!!


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