Friday, February 15, 2013

Face Lift! Minus the Botox.

Hey, guys! Something look a little different?? :)

Yay for a complete overhaul of Kaliwood! It's like it went from the ghett-o to the hippest town on the scene over night!

I need to give a shout out to Shannon for her fabulous work! Thanks so much for putting up with all of my questions! :)

So, take a little tour around Kaliwood, and follow me using the tools to the left so you can become a permanent resident!

This is an exciting couple weeks for Kaliwood. Not only did we get a makeover, but next Friday I will have the honor of guest posting for the one and only Kait over at Grid Iron Lipstick! Super excited.

Also next Friday, I will be part of a Group Giveaway hosted by the beautiful and fabulous Lauren at Style Elixir! So jump on over there and get you some goodies!

I am super pumped for these two opportunities and the new Kaliwood! It's a good blog time for this girl!

I hope you have a fab-tastic weekend as always! I will be hanging out at the house and admiring my V-day flowers from the boo. :)


  1. I am LOVING your new design Kali!!!!! It looks fabulous! You must be so excited and happy with it all :)

    It's so fantastic to have you part of the Style Elixir family!

    Lauren xx

    1. Thanks, doll! Excited for next week! Woot!

  2. I love the new layout!!! I may have to check into one myself!!
    Happy Friday!!


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