Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kaliwood Fashion Awards: 2013 Grammys - Men's Edition

So we are doing this little twist on the Kaliwood Awards today because, honestly, I was a little underwhelmed  with the female attire choices at the Grammys this year. All of the ones I loved were models, or girlfriends of artists, and they don't count on this night! I'm not big on the typical eccentric Grammy fashion statements, so this year, we are judging awarding the men of the night! Here you go...

 Best Dressed - Gold

I have to give the Gold to JT. And good thing he looked the part since he was promoting his "Suit & Tie" song. Love the classic suit with the twist! Looking fly, white guy!

Best Dressed: Silver

Gotta love our well-dressed country men! Tim McGraw is seriously handsome in this get-up. Fits great and shows just enough chest! This is the way to do black on black! (And Faith looks great, too!)

Best Dressed - Bronze

I know we all hate Chris Brown for a plethora of reasons. But, you have to admit, the man knows how to rock a suit. Love the white.

Causal Chic Award

Props to Alicia Key's man, Swiss Beats for making casual look appropriate and chic! Sucker for a tall, slim man in a well-fitted suit!

Unexpected Award

I totally expected "Fun." to go all grunge and rock the "we are artists and no one understands us" look. While their stage outfits were a bit out there, these red carpet looks really impressed me! They cleaned up and looked sharp while still keeping their edgy vibe. Nicely done, Fun.

Bad Wife Award

Seriously?? Look at those shoes on Keith. Not only do they look like clown shoes because of his skinny jeans, but they are filthy! I get it, you are a "country boy", but come on. You don't need to track mud on the red carpet. Shame on you, Nicole, for letting him out of the house like that!

 Newbie Fail Award

I know you are new on the scene, Frank Ocean, but is this a track suit version of a real suit? Totally missed it here. Tsk tsk. And the hand wrap? Really? I'm sure you're OK enough to not rock that on the carpet.

Worst Dressed

Oh Ne-Yo. You are one fiiine man. Why would you do this to yourself? The metallic blazer with the too high neckline, then add skinny pants and too-big military boots. It's just all wrong. Unacceptable for a sexy R&B-er.

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Who were your best and worst dressed men of the night??


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  1. Keith Urban's shoes were absolutely DISGUSTING!! Seriously, what was he thinking!! Absolutely loved Alicia Key's dress :)


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