Monday, February 25, 2013

Kaliwood Fashion Awards: 2013 Oscars

Happy Monday, lovelies! I know you are mean-muggin me right now because it's Monday morning - which usually sucks. But take a few more swigs of your coffee and get pumped for some Kaliwood Awards! The Oscars are my fav, because everyone brings their fashion A game. Or at least they try to. Let's see who sizzled and who sunk...

Best Dressed: Gold 

Whoa, Amy! Now that is a movie star! I can't get enough of this dress. It's perfect head to toe. And Amy is totally owning it. Which makes it that much better!

Best Dressed: Silver

Arguably the most beautiful women on the planet, Charlize looks stunning. The smooth white fabric with the peplum and the V neckline. It's just all working. Only reason she didn't get Gold: her pixie hair cut. Just not feeling it.

Best Dressed: Bronze 

 These two lovely ladies tied for 3rd. I couldn't decide! They both look great. Jessica can do no wrong in my eyes. Love the classic chic number she's rocking. I wasn't crazy about her hair part, but she is flawless. Naomi Watts looks great with the "fly away" updo. And props to her for trying out a unique neckline with some structure. She hit the mark with this!

Sexy Swag Award

When Hallie walked out on stage in this dress, I already liked it. But her walk to the mic was filled with swag. She was clearly thinking "Yea, I know I look drop dead gorgeous." Her swag won me over! Way to own it, giiiirl. 

Standout Award

Reese gets this one because the carpet was cluttered with nude-tone metallic gowns. She was one of the few who came out rocking a bold color! Love the royal blue and black.

Cutest Pregnant Couple

Doesn't Channing's wife looks so cute while pregnant?? I think she did a great job embracing the bump. (OK, you caught me. I just wanted to throw up a pic of Channing, the sexiest man ever.)

Biggest Disappointment

 Zoe, my love, you always look stunning on the red carpet! I was expecting something FAB from you. But I was let down. With the belt and the feathers and the ombre at the bottom - just to much going on. 

Just Missed the Mark

I love this dress from the waist down. But the top?? Is there even a top??? Sister, cover those puppies up! This dress could have been amazing, even more stunning in a vibrant color. But the top just kills it. Trashy, not classy.

Worst Dressed

Shocked Anne is winning this one? Me too! This reminds me of a bad prom dress from when I was in high school. The flimsy structure, mixed with the neckline that only looks great if done just right, this one was just a complete #fail. And the thin strap going around the neck? BAH! It hurts my eyes!!!
Anne, no excuse for this. You knew you had a chance to win and now everytime you go back and watch your acceptance speech, you have to see this horrid number. 

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  1. yeah I am not sure what anne is wearing, I didnt watch the oscars but i always love to see what people were wearing! new follower!


  2. I loved Naomi Watts dress! Along with all the other ones you mentioned! I also loved Kerry Washington's!

  3. Amy Adams was definitely my favorite!

    Happy Monday!

    The Hartungs Blog

  4. There was a lot of weird boob dresses lol. Like Anne's and Reese's. There were a lot of great one too though!

    I live a block away from the theater and work on the same street. I kinda wish I would've went just to see all the fuss :)

    Sorry I'm so late on commenting. Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip!!


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