Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update

  • This weekend we were in Wild, Wonderful, West Viriginia for the Tough Man Contest. You don't have to say it - I already know. These redneck escapades are not exactly Kaliwood activities. But, I'm for trying new things! Keeping an open mind! It was actually fun. Mostly because I was there with fun people. But it's basically boxing with local amateurs and trashy "ring girls". The best part was that Tim and I bet 25 cents on each match and at one point I was up like 4 dollars. Haha he was terrible at picking!

  • We actually brought Piper along with us this weekend. I was nervous about 2 things: How she would do in the car for 4 hours and how she would be around a bunch of other dogs. She passed both tests with flying colors! She slept in the car the entire time both ways without making a peep! And she is super playful with other dogs and was such a good girl! #proudmomma! Here are some pics of Piper from the weekend. And some of her playing with Duke, the great dane!


Duke is just a tad bigger...

After playing with Duke for an hour/

Car ride home

Piper and Dad passed out after the long day!

  • I missed the Grammys red carpet because we were in the car driving back. BUT, I will catch up with Fashion Police tonight and bring you the Kaliwood Fashion Awards tomorrow! Also - did you see Miguel's performance?? It was super short but super sexy. I've been liking this song for a couple weeks.. but now I LOVE it. I really respect singers who actually sound the same when they are live. Esp at the Grammys! Check it out:

  • Justin Timberlake's performance was also really good. Tim and I are currently digging "Suit & Tie" (aka we dance around in the car when it comes on and people stare at us like we are weirdos awesome. His other song was great too. It seemed a little "copycat" to Bruno Mars' style, but I still enjoyed it! Check it out here:

  • So I was really excited to get back to running after my test was over and my after-work time freed up. But of course, now I have these weird pains on my toes that make me unable to walk comfortably, much less run. I've also been forced to wear only flats for the past week - SUCKS! After doing some online research I have diagnosed them as chilblains. And unlike other WedMD self-diagnosis where we give ourselves 6 months to live, this actually seems like what I have. It's just like blisters under the skin that are painful to walk/run on. I'm sick of waiting for them to go away, though, so I might just try to band-aid them and run this week. Sorry for the TMI.
  • We just booked a weekend Nashville trip for the last weekend in April! I'm super excited because I've never been there and that week I turn 25! Yikes!
  • Kaliwood is getting a face lift! I'm currently working with a designer to give my blog a total overhaul! I just wanted to give you all a heads up so that in the next couple weeks you won't be confused when my blog looks totally different. I'll keep you updated with the exact change date when I know more!

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part of the Grammys? Let me know!


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