Thursday, March 28, 2013

SPD - Hair Accessories Organization

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to another week of Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. I hope you’re having a great week!

Hair Style Hang Up
I love this new Pinterest project I’m about to share. I actually created this myself! When moving in to my new place, I understood the importance of Kyle having his space in our bathroom. I knew that I needed to make sure I didn’t completely take over the bathroom with all my makeup, hair stuff, perfume, etc. I found some cute ways to organize my makeup and brushes but I needed a way to efficiently store my hair dryer and straightener.

On one of my [many!] trips to Target, I picked up these adhesive door hooks. I saw these and immediately thought, “PERFECT!”

We have a ton of drawers and cabinets in our master bathroom so I had a lot of options of where I wanted to place these. I decided on the inside of two side by side cabinet drawers. I simply wrapped up the cords, put a hair claw clip around them, and hung them on the hook! When you closer the doors, the straightener and hair dryer are easily hidden yet easily accessible!

I love how these keeps our sink area clutter free and I know Kyle appreciates it too! Cheap, simple way of staying organized!

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Happy Pinning!


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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Giveaway!!

There is some exciting news buzzing around in Kaliwood today! I'm so excited to announce that I am hosting my very first giveaway! I reached out to a few of my very favorite bloggers to make this happen! If you are experiencing weather like we are here in KY, you are currently pissed at that little furry creature who claims to be a meteorologist. It's suppose to be Spring but it's been snowing for a good 24 hours! So, we all decided that since Spring is almost here, we would put together some fabulous prizes to get you prepped for the warm weather! We have some workout gear so you can look fab when hitting the gym. And while you're getting your body bikini ready, we have a VS prize for you to buy a new suit! Also go grab yourself some fun and flirty wedges at DSW, some vacation supplies at Target, and some SPF beauty products at Sephora! 

Here are the sponsors and their giveaway items! 

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Confessions of the Domestically Challenged (Part 2)

This is how I feel during most times in my life....


This is how I feel when I'm about to try cooking....

A friend (and mother of the most adorable little boy), Kate, sent me this recipe after she read Confessions Part 1. 

I mean, it's fool-proof right???? Let's see how it turned out....

Everything looking good as it's starting to cook. Got the meat, onions, and lots of BBQ sauce in there!

I came home after work and the house smelled GLORIOUS! I was super pumped. The meat shredded very easily in the crockpot. Tim was on his way home so I started making all the sides so it would be ready to go! #justcallmemartha

It definitely looked great! I'm not a big fan of pulled pork on a bun so I had mine "naked".

Unfortunately, it was yet another flop. The meat was super mushy, like it was cooked too long. This is the 3rd time the crockpot has over cooked something. I am aware that our crockpot is on steriods, so I try to adjust the times accordingly, but I haven't mastered it (clearly).

So help me out here, is it possible that our crockpot just sucks because its a cheap one? Should I throw down some cash for a high quality one? Or is it user error??

Until I decide what to do about that, I'm going to try some NON crockpot recipes. That way, if I can master those, at least I know it might be the crockpot and not me. 

But so far, it's definitely been me.

Props to Tim for always being my taste-tester and trying whatever concoction I put in front of him. That is one brave, brave man.

Have a recipe you know is idiot proof? I'll give it a try and prove you wrong. :)

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Have a great weekend and safe happy eating!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Officially on the Market!

As you may already know, my boyfriend has been renovating our town home for almost a year now. It's finally complete and we are putting it on the market. We want to move to a single family home so we can have a garage and a yard for Piper. (And Tim wants to flip another house. Yay...)

Needless to say, things have been pretty hectic. Our realtor is big on staging, which is great, because she's brought over a ton of stuff for us to use during the showing process. However, it means we had to store/hide most of our stuff and re-do some of our reno. And we had to repaint a LOT. Her style is a bit more traditional than us, but I know that tends to appeal to more buyers. So, we painted over our fabulous dark grey master bedroom walls, and replaced all my black, white, and yellow accents with browns and aquas.

The house just went up on the market this week, and we still have more pictures to take and post. I'm not going to lie, the idea of keeping the house spotless and getting all 3 pets and their supplies out of the house for every showing is quite daunting. I just hope it sells fast so we can limit our stress level.

On the upside, we have learned a lot. Tim has gained so much knowledge about home renovation and with the help of his awesome family, has been able to keep the labor costs at a minimum  I have learned a lot about staging, some DIY projects  and a lot about the home buying/selling process. I even got to flex my negotiation muscles when contracting with our realtor. :)

Tim also had a good idea to blog about the next "flip". I did post some before and after pics from this one but for the next, I think I'll post regularly on the process. I may not be the one laying the tile, but I can sure blog about it. ;)

With all that being said, here are some pics of the place. Please pass along to anyone in the Lexington area who is looking to buy!

Let me know if you would like more information!

We are headed to Columbus this weekend to visit some friends, drink some beverages, and watch some basketball. Luckily, they have a big house with a dog, so Pipe is coming with! I thought this was going to be the first time we would have to board her, so I'm relieved she can come with us! She's great when traveling and I just love having her around! 

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Snap Shot

Here's a little snip it of my weekend!

Hair: Me working on mastering the fishtail braid. It's coming along actually! Just hard when you get to the layers.
Plants: A sneak peak of a DIY post I have coming up! I have to say I'm pretty pumped about it!
Cats: Is that not the fattest cat you've ever seen?? I mean really. And there's Ollie sitting not very cat-like.
Shoes: Loved the Shoe Du Jour on Friday, so wanted to share!
Fireplaces: Most of our weekend was spent prepping the house to put it on the market this week! The fireplace started off a red/gold color. So the realtor suggested white. It doesn't look too bad in the picture, but it was WAY to intense for the room. So then she picked out the brown/tan color and that's what we're going with!
Dog: Piper being a goober, per usual. She's such a snuggle bug.

I also realized this week that I don't really own a single article of green clothing. At least nothing worthy of St. Patty's Day. I also realized that I come to this realization EVERY year on St. Patty's Day and I do nothing to remedy the situation. Mental note for next year.

How was your weekend? Did you consume copious amounts of green beer?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

GFC Going Exclusive & Bloglovin Start-up Steps

So apparently Google Friend Connect is going away for non-Blogger blogs. Click here to read more. I use Blogger so that's OK, but I know not all of you do. So, I've been reluctant to jump on the Bloglovin bandwagon, but I want to stay connected with all of you who aren't going to have access to GFC once it goes exclusive with Blogger.

So I signed up for Bloglovin and imported all of the blogs I already follow through GFC and BOOM they all populated right there. I'm pretty good about just figuring my way through things so I thought I would lay it out for you in steps in case you want to do the same.

1. Get a Bloglovin account if you don't already have one:
2. Once you create your account, you need to claim your blog. This links your Bloglovin profile with your actual blog. Click your name in the top right corner and click "My Blog". It may say something else before you link it, but it will be something about your blog.

3. Once you select that, it will ask you to enter in the URL of your blog. It will then give you an HTML code and ask that you create a new blog post with that code in it.

4. Once you create and publish that post, you can click through on Bloglovin and once it finds/recognizes the code, it will automatically link that blog to you. (You can delete the post once it's linked in Bloglovin.)

5. Now you will want to Import all of the blogs you currently follow on GFC. The more people in the community that do this, the more our Bloglovin followers will grow to reflect our GFC numbers. And this will help any non-Blogger blogs remain connected.

6. At this point I realized I did this a really long, complicated way. So, don't do what I did and instead, go to your settings in Bloglovin and select Import blogs.

This should let you directly import from Google Reader without having to do the backwards Export process that I went through. (#duh)

7. Post the Bloglovin widgets on your blog. You can find them here. Just grab the code and add it into your layout (like you did for your GFC and other widgets). I added the widget that allows you to click to follow and the widget that says how many follows I have under it. But you can choose any combination or single widget you  prefer.

Now I haven't played around with Bloglovin enough to know the pros and cons, but I wanted to share this with you so you can create your account, and already be connected with the current blogs you follow. When I read blogs, I look at the newest posts in my main Blogger dashboard (under Reading List) and then click to the actual blog site to read it.

I'm not sure how the GFC changes will affect us all, but I hope this helps!

With that all being said, if you have Bloglovin or you are about to use these steps to get one, you might as well follow Kaliwood while you're at it!  Follow on Bloglovin

SPD: Vanilla Coffee Candle

Happy Thursday, peeps! Today is the day of guest posts! As always, we have your fav guest blogger, Amanda, here to bring you Saw it. Pinned it. Did it! But, yours truly is also guest posting over at Life and Lemons!

Kenzie was nice enough to let me talk about how creepy the internet can be sometimes! So, your instructions for today are to 1) read Amanda's SPD post below (obvs.) and then 2) go check out my post at L&L here!!


Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

Hi there, lovelies! In case you missed last week’s post, I am now blogging from the beautiful Columbia, SC! That’s where I call home now and it is still awesome. My boyfriend, Kyle, finally made it to town (Yay!!) and the transition continues to go incredibly smooth!

I have more things to share with you on fun Pinterest inspired projects I’ve done around our apartment! I’ve had to strike a delicate balance of doing things I want but making sure they aren’t super girly so that it fits both mine and Kyle’s taste.

Vanilla Coffee Candle

I saw this idea that was originally designed for wedding centerpieces but it is definitely applicable to the home. I went to Hobby Lobby (can I get an amen to this being one of the best stores ever?) and bought the following items:

-       Square Glass Container (HL was having a glass sale so they were 50% off – about $2.00/each)
-       Ribbon ($2.99)
-       Vanilla Tea Candles ($.99)

Then I went and picked up a bag of coffee beans from the grocery store. Add a hot glue gun and you have everything you need!

Take the ribbon and glue it around the glass container. You have some creative freedom here on how you want to do this; how many times you wrap it around, bow in the front, etc.

Once that’s dry, fill the container with the coffee beans, wedge the candle in the center and voila!

I love this simple craft! It currently sits in the middle of our kitchen table and has a subtle coffee/vanilla smell that doesn’t overwhelm you. I also made two additional candles with glass gems/stones instead of coffee to use in the master and guest bedrooms, more for decorative purposes.

I saw the original pin here:

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Happy Pinning!

P.S. Anyone else excited for the biggest weekend of the year next week? Opening weekend of March Madness – duh. Go Cats.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life Update via Photos

Here's a photo drop to share what's been going on in Kaliwood!

Last week Dad came down to go to a UK game with me! They beat Vandy and it was so much fun! I love spending time with my Dad and my Wildcats! #webleedblue #daddysgirl

I traveled to DC this past weekend for my fav cousin's wedding! We spent a day walking around DC and checking out the sites!

Peplum Dress: Maggy London - Get it here. And because I love a great deal, I will share that I got this dress on sale at TJ Maxx for $23!! Crazy, I know!
Necklace: Forever21 - Get it here.

You can't see my shoes in this pic, but I was wearing:

Jessica Simpson Rianna (Black Kid Suede) - Boots/Booties

The venue for the wedding was beautiful. It was held at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in downtown Washington, DC.

My dog has some seriously sharp nails! She's making it look like I cut myself! Oh well, she's too cute to be mad at :)
We took her to the dog park on Sunday because it was so nice out and then she joined me for a 2.5 mile run that evening! So glad that she can be my running buddy!

My mom sent me this picture of my (1 year old) niece the other day. She is seriously lacking in the hair department but the ladies at her day care managed to get her in pigtails! Warning: Too Cute! (Can you see the one tooth peeking out??)

Loving this new arrow bracelet I snagged at Forever21. Tried to find it online for you guys, but looks like they are out! They have some other cute ones though!

This is how it is every night now before I go to bed. The two boys think my spot is theirs for the taking. Don't mind me kitties! I'll snake my way around you in my own bed!! 

Please check out my lil Piper. Who was soooo tired that she just couldn't keep her head up. Poor lil thang!

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