Thursday, March 14, 2013

GFC Going Exclusive & Bloglovin Start-up Steps

So apparently Google Friend Connect is going away for non-Blogger blogs. Click here to read more. I use Blogger so that's OK, but I know not all of you do. So, I've been reluctant to jump on the Bloglovin bandwagon, but I want to stay connected with all of you who aren't going to have access to GFC once it goes exclusive with Blogger.

So I signed up for Bloglovin and imported all of the blogs I already follow through GFC and BOOM they all populated right there. I'm pretty good about just figuring my way through things so I thought I would lay it out for you in steps in case you want to do the same.

1. Get a Bloglovin account if you don't already have one:
2. Once you create your account, you need to claim your blog. This links your Bloglovin profile with your actual blog. Click your name in the top right corner and click "My Blog". It may say something else before you link it, but it will be something about your blog.

3. Once you select that, it will ask you to enter in the URL of your blog. It will then give you an HTML code and ask that you create a new blog post with that code in it.

4. Once you create and publish that post, you can click through on Bloglovin and once it finds/recognizes the code, it will automatically link that blog to you. (You can delete the post once it's linked in Bloglovin.)

5. Now you will want to Import all of the blogs you currently follow on GFC. The more people in the community that do this, the more our Bloglovin followers will grow to reflect our GFC numbers. And this will help any non-Blogger blogs remain connected.

6. At this point I realized I did this a really long, complicated way. So, don't do what I did and instead, go to your settings in Bloglovin and select Import blogs.

This should let you directly import from Google Reader without having to do the backwards Export process that I went through. (#duh)

7. Post the Bloglovin widgets on your blog. You can find them here. Just grab the code and add it into your layout (like you did for your GFC and other widgets). I added the widget that allows you to click to follow and the widget that says how many follows I have under it. But you can choose any combination or single widget you  prefer.

Now I haven't played around with Bloglovin enough to know the pros and cons, but I wanted to share this with you so you can create your account, and already be connected with the current blogs you follow. When I read blogs, I look at the newest posts in my main Blogger dashboard (under Reading List) and then click to the actual blog site to read it.

I'm not sure how the GFC changes will affect us all, but I hope this helps!

With that all being said, if you have Bloglovin or you are about to use these steps to get one, you might as well follow Kaliwood while you're at it!  Follow on Bloglovin


  1. Yeah, I was upset when I couldn't use GFC because I'm self hosted through Wordpress. Thanks for this tutorial, I didn't know until last night that I could import! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I love how easy Bloglovin' made it so that we could import all of the blogs we follow. I wasn't sure at first about using Bloglovin', but I love it!!


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