Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sean and Catherine Sittin in a Tree...

I would just like to say.. I was right! Proof. Sean picked Catherine last night on the Bachelor. I have to say it was the most genuine proposal I've seen on the show. He seemed to be so relieved to finally share his feelings for her (like he knew all along and was just holding them in) and she seemed honestly shocked and estatic. Then they traveled off into the sunset. On an elephant. Tots normal.

It was so perfect that it made me kind of hate them. UGH. It's just not what you want to be watching when you aren't in a lovey mood.

I'm not big on the cushion cut diamond, but I have to admit this ring was stunning.

Side note: Do you ever wonder what it would be like if we watched the dates on the show without all of the mood music? I mean, they didn't have music playing during the taping. So it would be accurate. But, it would be SUPER strange.

Anyway, seeing Sean and Catherine during the "After the Final Rose" just proved they are still going strong. It's obvious Sean is just consumed with her and she is super sweet. It really is annoying cute. Really.

Also, I have to hand it to Lindsay. She handled herself pretty well after Sean gave her the Heisman. She wasn't  a crazy psycho (cough cough, AshLee), and she also wasn't a blubbering mess.

I was surprised to hear that Des is going to be the new Bachelorette. I was a big fan, so I'm happy, but thought she wasn't the typical type they would choose. However, their strategy is to use someone who America has already fallen for so they are forced to watch, so it's a smart move!

And I'm always more excited for the Bachelorette. Less girl drama and more eye candy!

As always, here are some of my fav tweets from last night...

I'm ready for a break from this show. The romance has become overwhelming. I'll go back to Teen Mom 2 for now. That show always makes me feel like my life is AWESOME.


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  1. You were right!! I'm glad he chose her though :)

    And yes such a smart ploy to pick Des because I liked her too so now I have to watch The Bachelorette!


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