Thursday, March 28, 2013

SPD - Hair Accessories Organization

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Hair Style Hang Up
I love this new Pinterest project I’m about to share. I actually created this myself! When moving in to my new place, I understood the importance of Kyle having his space in our bathroom. I knew that I needed to make sure I didn’t completely take over the bathroom with all my makeup, hair stuff, perfume, etc. I found some cute ways to organize my makeup and brushes but I needed a way to efficiently store my hair dryer and straightener.

On one of my [many!] trips to Target, I picked up these adhesive door hooks. I saw these and immediately thought, “PERFECT!”

We have a ton of drawers and cabinets in our master bathroom so I had a lot of options of where I wanted to place these. I decided on the inside of two side by side cabinet drawers. I simply wrapped up the cords, put a hair claw clip around them, and hung them on the hook! When you closer the doors, the straightener and hair dryer are easily hidden yet easily accessible!

I love how these keeps our sink area clutter free and I know Kyle appreciates it too! Cheap, simple way of staying organized!

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  1. This is such a good idea! I keep saying I need somewhere new to put my straightener & blow dryer! I'll have to pick some of these up

  2. YES! This is a great solution! We did this in our bathroom only on the wall so I can leave my hairdryer plugged in...I'm that lazy haha

  3. Such a great idea!!
    I need to do something like this. My flat iron is always sitting on our bathroom counter.


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