Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Bachelor Recap

Last night was the Women Tell All episode. I'm sure I'm thinking what the rest of you are - let's just get to the end of the "most controversial season yet" already!

To recap...

Tierra sister.. No one stole your sparkle. You just tossed it out on the curb before you even came on the show. (If you even had some to begin with.)

Tierra really needed to use this time to clear her name and talk about how the producers just made her seem like a crazy person, but she just made herself look worse. She needed to swallow her pride and show so humility, but she failed. It's no one's fault but her own.

And c'mon.. We all know that engagement ring is a hoax. What man sees her on this show and then has the epiphany: "OMG.. THAT is what I have been missing in my life!" Not buying it.

And then there's AshLee. Remember what I said here about how she went out like a crazy ex-wife? Well, you'd think she would have let that go by now. But no... she's still pissed.

Now, whether she has a right to be or not is up for debate. We only know what the cameras showed us. But regardless, I think she should have saved some dignity and showed that she has moved on and that she can rise above this. But I really think she's been making voodoo Sean dolls and stabbing them with sewing needles.

And, finally, I'm not sorry to say this, but I'm seriously over Chris Harrison. I think he is cheesy, cocky, and likes to heighten drama. I guess it's good for the show, but I no longer have any respect for affinity towards him, and really wish they would get someone new. He just seems SO fake and it pains me to watch him. I now fast-forward during his "sit-down" with the bachelor/ette every episode just so I don't have to hear his voice. 

I'm still calling Catherine as the winner next week. Check out my reasoning here! And go visit Alisa... she's got some great Bachelor dish you don't want to miss!! And I totally agree with her about the bloopers. I always crack up watching them.. they need to put them in the episodes!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Would it still be The Bachelor without Chris Harrison?? lol I agree about Tierra needing to own up to her actions. I so think that ring is way too huge to be real! AshLee was totally freaking me out with her psychoness! I guess it is to be expected when she is still dwelling on her abandonment issues 25 years later that she wouldn't be able to let go of Sean so easily!
    Love this show! Great recap :)

  2. lol oh man... such a hot mess Tierra. I agree that AshLee should have been a little more classy. I think he's going to choose Lindsey but Catherine is great too.

    1. Kimberlee - I was just checking out your blog and it's so refreshing to find another blogger who is passionate about women's rights and feminism! (I too wore a uniform for 12 years :) If you ever want to link up for Feminist Friday, let me know!!


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