Monday, April 29, 2013

Rock Me Baby Like a Wagon Wheel...

So this past weekend was spent in Nashville! Wheee!! We were cursed with rain for most of the weekend,  but that didn't stop us from having fun!

Give me good company, good beer, and some live country music, and I'll take it any day!! Here's some pics from the weekend...

I'm in LA for the rest of the week for one of my events! Then home for a week, then in Seattle for a site visit. Just wanted to warn you that the blog posts may be a little struggs for a couple weeks due to the traveling. But I'll do my best! 

Happy Monday! (If there is such a thing...)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bargain or Bust? ~ Spring 2013

Here's a little brain teaser for your Thursday! I'm all about the bargain shopping. Why pay a ridiculous amount for an article of clothing when you can get the exact same thing, or something very similar for much less? It's not always about the labels, ladies!

So... can you tell the difference? Which is the Bargain and which is the Bust (of your wallet, that is)?

Answers are below. Let us know how many you got right!!

Bargains: 1,4,5,8,9
Busts: 2,3,6,7,10

Off to Nashville this weekend! I'm sooo excited as I've never been there! And I got a spray tan yesterday because I had a coupon for Sun Tan City for a free visit. I usually love the sunless tans from there, but not gonna lie, I woke up and I'm pretty orange!

I may or may not resemble a certain dark-skinned mother....

And because I refuse to show you my face in it's current state, here is my orange-tastic hand.

It actually looks darker in real life. #ultimatefail


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


TODAY IS THE DAY! I AM OFFICIALLY OLD. 25th birthday!!!! Cue quarter of a century crisis!!!!!! I need to go buy a shinny new car... or get tatted up... or go skydiving...

Whoa now.

I'll stick with a new pair of stilettos. And partying it UP with some fab people tonight!

I found this "ABC's of me" on my girl Miss MP's blog a while back. Since today is my big 2-5 and since there are a bunch of new residents in Kaliwood, I thought I'd share a few things about me...

A — available or married?     
     Are those the only two options? Cause I'm neither! Currently dating the bf!

B — book?
     Currently reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed

C — cake or pie?
     I'd rather have something fried. But I'd go with cake. Don't like any pies really.

D — drink of choice?
     Alcoholic: Draft beer or white wine. Non: Diet Coke or diluted Gatorade

E — essential item?
     Droid Razr HD

F — favorite color?
     Yellow is my favorite color. But I prefer neutrals (black, white, grey, creams) - Exhibit A: My blog color scheme.

G — game to watch or play?
      Watch: UK basketball or Bengals football. Play: Basketball, kickball, and now tennis!

H — hometown?
     The mean streets of Villa Hills, KY

I  — indulgence?
     Shoessssss. And queso dip.

 — job?
     Event planner for a volleyball association

K — kids and their names?
      Yikes! No kids anytime soon! Do pets count? Oliver, Oliver Junior, and Piper!

L — life is incomplete without?
     The special moments that make life worth living.

M — music group or singer?
      Rascal Flatts & Justin Bieber

N — number of siblings?
     1 older sister

O — oranges or apples?
      Definitely apples. But only Red Delicious.

P — phobias/fears?
      Funny you should ask. Get the full scoop here!

— favorite quote?
     "Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door" - Kyle Chandler

R — reason to smile?
     When Tim sends me random pictures during the day of funny animals or asks the most bizarre questions. Or when Piper does this:

S season?
         Summer because of warm weather, pools, vacations, outdoor parties, maxi dresses, etc.
         Favorite weather for fashion: Fall!

     None. I've never had a desire to get one, but I'm not 100% against it. If I ever got one, it would have to mean something significant and would be in a totally hidden spot, like bottom of my foot.

U — unknown fact about me?
     My name represents the Hindu goddess of chaos and destruction. Her followers are called thugs and they kill people in her name. Good job, mom & dad.

V — vegetable you love?
     Broccoli, spinach, green beans, asparagus, corn/corn on the cob! A fan of the greens.

W worst habit?
     Ditching my plans to go on a run after work as soon as someone mentions happy hour

X X-rays you've had?
     None that I can remember! Never broken a bone!

Y — your favorite food?
     White rice. (Is it obvious I'm a picky eater?)

Z zodiac?
     Taurus - strong & stubborn

Now that you know a little bit more about me.. I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my BDAY!!!

And maybe get a lil' cray cray at the bar....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

SPD: Guest Bathroom Toiletries

You fav guest poster, Amanda, is here for your SPD Thursday! Take it away, giiiirl!

/ / / / 

Happy Thursday! Welcome back to this week’s Saw It. Pinned It. Did It! This week’s project is a super easy one but I love it!

Shower Goods
In my old job, I traveled a ton. In my new job, I will travel a ton. So why would I let those hotel shampoo and conditioners go to waste? Or what do you do with travel accessories you bought that you don’t use all of on a trip?

I found this cute idea on Pinterest (well, duh) that allows you to keep and reuse all those toiletries! In all my shopping for apartment stuff when I first moved here, I found this great container for only $5.00 or so. All you do is take your travel toiletries and put them in a container and can leave in the guest bathroom. When we have friends/family in town to visit, they can simply grab whichever toiletry they need and when I travel, I’ll be able to re-stock it!

Make sure you instruct your guests on what to do! My dad used the scrub face wash that was already in the shower as shampoo (not knowing to take shampoo from the jar) and said “It felt like lava on my head!” – that’s my father…

Here is the original pin I saw:

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Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Pinning!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Blazers

Happy Hump Day! I'm having a great week, despite the fact that it's monsoon-ing outside right now! I got some stressful events out of the way, the final pieces for my big LA event in May is coming together, the warm weather is finally here which means kickball and volleyball, and we have some exciting weekends coming up! Life is good. :)

We are going to see Joel McHale in Cinci this weekend! I'm pretty pumped about it, he's hilarious! It was my bday present to Tim :)  Also, My fam and I are also going on a segwey tour on Sunday and I can't freakin wait! Those things are awesome.

So today I just wanted to share some fun blazers that I think every girl should be rockin this spring. Whether it's the color, or the casual cut, these are some of my favs!

4 Blazers I Want for Spring 2013

A Wear printed blazer
$68 -

Wallis red blazer

Yellow jacket

I hope you all enjoy your day! Let it be less rainy than it is here!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Big 2-5! B-day Wish List!

So my quarter-century birthday is just around the corner (April 23). I'm not going to lie, I'm really kind of freaking out about it. 25 is a big one! So since this is a benchmark, I thought I would share my bday wish list.  I'll start off with the items that are ridiculously expensive and totally unrealistic for any of my friends/family to buy me.

Saw this on a blog the other day and loved it! Then I saw the price tag...

I'm a pretty big reader. I have 3 hardback books on my shelf still to read but I'm thinking maybe I should join the 21st century moving forward with an e-reader. Especially since I travel quite a bit and these are easier to haul around than books!

MK bag... self explanatory..
I desperately want to get rid of that big box of all of my important papers! So I would love one of these mobile scanners so I can archive everything on my laptop and free up some closet space!

I want to get away! To a tropical destination! All I want is some sun, relaxation, and a fruity drink in my hand. (And a little umbrella, obvs.)

/ / / / 

OK, now that we have all of the unrealistic wish list items out of the way, here are some things that actually have a chance of being purchased on my behalf...

With all the press about this book going around, I think it's time I read it. Sounds like the perfect book for modern feminists.

Piper has chewed through 4, count 'em, 4 harnesses. We now know we cannot leave it on her at anytime unless she's being walked. So number 5 is on my list!

The cats/dog have ripped holes in ALL of my nice sheets. Not happy about that. So sister could use some new sets.

Cute case for protecting my new phone when I toss it in my purse!

I already have the car (Kia Optima - which I love by the way), but it needs a good detailing on the inside. 

Hunger Games DVD! 

Great for carrying all the necessities on the go when I don't want to bring my whole purse! Fits my Droid Razr HD. I would go with the canary interior color.

So... there you have it! What I really want is just to spend time with those I love and have a great time. We are going to Nashville the weekend after my bday so it's safe to assume I'll be getting that! {And maybe Tim will write me a really sappy love letter. HAH! Keep dreamin, sister. ;)}

 / / / / 

Fun Fact: The Meaning of my Name. I never knew the meaning of my name until I was sitting in Mrs. Timmerding's class in high school AP English. The first day she was taking role and called my name. She said, "Do you know what your name means?" I said no. She proceeded to tell me about this Hindu goddess of chaos and destruction whose followers kill people in her name. Hmmm...

Go ahead and Google Image "Kali".. It's not a pretty sight. Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad....

Well I hope you all have a fab Monday, per usual! And if you are younger than 25, I don't like you right now. Unless you buy me something from above. Then I really really like you.

Just kidding.

But seriously. I'm going to be old. Sigh.