Monday, April 8, 2013

Denver, CO

Hello Kaliwood residents! Blogging from Denver, CO today! I am here until Wednesday working a Conference for one of our partner associations. Since I'm working I don't have much time to post, but wanted to share a few pics!

The weather has been nice and warm, but this morning we were told Denver is expecting 14 inches of snow tomorrow.

Say what???

I'm suppose to fly home Wednesday night to make an event I have in Louisville on Thursday. Fingers crossed all flights are a go or I'm in serious trouble!!

Also, there is an armed convict on the loose in the city.. just escaped from jail. #nobiggie

This group works in style.. zooming around the Convention Center on segweys!

I'm in love with the Big Blue Bear. He's so cute!! They are cleaning him b/c someone covered him in paint on April Fools. #notcool

Bowling with the staff. My team name was "Split Happens"

Love the signs at the airport welcoming our event!

Hi buddy!

Candy Buffet!

Beautiful mountain view from our hotel.

Linking up with Sami and Leann and MollyCarly, and Tori, oh my!

Have a great week! I'll be back in a few days!


  1. I LOVE Denver!! I'm from a small town east of Denver and always enjoy going to visit! Have fun!!

  2. I love Denver, such a great city. Hope the snow does not delay your travels, although they are pretty on top of that kind of stuff there.

  3. I love that bear! I saw it in the link up party at YOLO and had to stop by! Bears are my favorite!! Hope you have a great time in Denver :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

    1. Me too! I just purchased the 8 inch figurine of him at the gift shop! :)

  4. I love Colorado, I was there in February! The mountains are so beautiful, I want to be there right now!


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