Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brights & Gingham

So lately I've given myself a new challenge. Take clothing that I've had for a while, get creative, and wear it a whole new way. So this week I took this button down that I've had for YEARS, and paired it with one of my favorite spring pencil skirts. It looks bright orange here, but it's actually a perfect mix of orange/red/pink. It's a really unique color. And I ended up loving the outfit!!! Can't wait to try out some more! Save some money on new clothes and just dig into the depths of your closet for new outfits/styles!

~ ~ ~

10K Update: My "official" training starts in 2 weeks (after all my traveling settles down), but I've been running here and there when I can. Yesterday, Tim and I ran 2.2 miles in the rain! It was the first time I've run in rain, and not going to lie, it kind of makes you feel like a badass! And I'm so glad I have a bf who will run/workout with me! (Even if he is always a half-mile ahead of me!)

Just thought I'd share this little tid-bit. My pony tail was bone straight before the rain run. I came in the house, took off my hat, and saw THIS. Not only does it look like a hot frizzy mess, but it was SO tangled and thick, I could barely brush it out. #maneproblems

I got a belated bday present in the mail yesterday from Amanda! (Your fav SPD guest poster!) How fun to get some gifts just when you are coming down from your bday high!

She knows I like anchors (hence the bracelet) and she got me this cute "K" necklace! Thanks, A!

Have a great Tuesday!! Let's hope the weekend comes fast!! I need some R&R!


  1. love the outfit and the colors!

  2. Such a cute combo! I love the color of your skirt and the gold jewelry is perfect with it.
    Visiting from the link-up!

  3. so fun - loving the bright pencil skirt :) i just got one in teal and its so fun to mix and match with it :)


  4. This is a great look. You can never go wrong with a bright pencil skirt! I have been trying to wear some neglected items in my closet too. So nice of your friend to send the anchor bracelet. Growing up by the lake, I have a soft spot for anything nautical. Heather

  5. I love how you paired the gingham with the bright skirt! So cute!

  6. Running in the rain is awesome, especially in the summer!

  7. I'm loving your skirt esp when paired with those killer shoes! You look fab :)

    I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post: www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com

  8. That's a seriously great combo! Style blogs and pinterest are great for finding new ways of closet remixing, and I've been trying to shop my closet more :) I have a navy gingham shirt and bright pink pencil skirt so I'm going to have to try your look...


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