Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shopping in Seattle! (Oh, and Working...)

Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I am currently in Seattle for a site visit for our Convention in December. It's a bit hectic with all the traveling and trying to keep up with work back in the office. So, blogging has taken a back seat!

BUT, I got up early today because I have some very important stuff to share. There is an H&M directly across from our hotel and I went shopping yesterday!!! ( Told you it was important! )

And if you didn't believe I was obsessed with blazers before, there's no denying it now...

Please ignore the iron. Like I said, in a hotel you all. Doing this on the fly!

BAH! Love these shoes!

Yes, the black and dusty rose blazer are the same one. I've been wanting a dusty rose one for a while, and the cut of the blazer is AMAZEballs, so I HAD to get one in black too. I just had to, OK?!!

I wasn't planning on buying a hot pink blazer, but the cut on THIS one was so different an fit me like a glove. Sooooo, I felt obligated.

This casual jacket was a necessity buy because it's chilly/rainy in Seattle and I didn't come prepared! But I really like it, so it'll be a good piece for Spring!

Bad pic quality, but didn't I tell you that cut was amazing??

H&M prices are redic, you guys. I got ALL of this for like $120 (with a $25 gift card). I mean, that's a steal!  And I decided I'm taking Tim there when I get home to get him some inexpensive casual blazers since we've been on the hunt for some. Don't know why I didn't think of H&M right away. They are perfect for that! 

And for your viewing pleasure... some Seattle pics!

We will resume regular posting next week.

Also, a very BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very best friend, Mary!!! Miss her bunches!!!

Have a great rest of the week!!

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  1. i immediately fell in love with your purple loafers, so cute

    Delightful Ideas

  2. I love the blazers! That's pretty much my entire work wardrobe.

  3. Those are some seriously great blazers! I've been obsessed lately too and am accumulating quite the collection :) Those purple loafers are super cute and fun. And your pics are making me want to visit Seattle!

  4. Love your shopping finds! I live about an hour and half from Seattle :D


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