Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Training Tribulations

I really don't want to write this post today. But, since the day I announced I was going to run my first ever 10K, I decided that I would use this blog to hold myself accountable. Therefore, I can brag about how I am a BAMF who ran in the rain, but I also have to share my failures. And yesterday, was a failure.

Monday I ran 2.2 miles in the rain and felt great. Yesterday, I got home from work and hit the pavement. I ran the same loop as Monday but it was just one of those days where my legs felt like they weighed 100 pounds each. I got to mile 1 without much trouble but then it just went downhill (while running uphill).

I don't really know how to explain it. Maybe some of my experienced runner friends can relate, but it's when you can't find your stride, you start cramping, and it's miserable. I tried telling myself that there will be times during my 10K where I might not feel great, but I have to keep going. Usually I'm good about pushing myself but yesterday I just stopped and started walking. Which is never good.

I was run/walking for a while and then I was hit with it: the most intense food cravings I've ever had. All I could picture was a giant marshmallow dipped in chocolate. Weird, I know. It got so bad I was about to run to the nearest store and indulge. So, I finished the walk/run, drove to pick up Piper from doggy day-care, and drove through Sonic to get this...

Oreo milk shake. I don't ever really like Oreo milk shakes, but I DEVOURED it. With a spoon. Like I've never tasted anything so glorious in my 25 years.

I have no clue what happened. I've had bad runs before. It happens. I'm sore or feeling full, or just not into it. But this craving thing was new and bizarre. I hope this was a one-time occurrence.

I know it'll get easier the more I train, so I'm looking forward to that. The first few runs getting back into it are always a challenge. Regardless, I will try my absolute best to not give in to any craving that may hit while running again. No matter how much that giant marshmallow taunts me.

(You can't un-see that. Sorry.)

Cue motivational quotes...

Piper accurately illustrates how we both felt last night...

Anyone have a great workout this week to share? Or maybe a not-so-great one like me? 

Let me know!

Happy Running!



  1. This is a great exercise I do about once a week, and it's great for cardio and building leg muscles:

    I do 5 laps around Kirklevington Park, one at a time with 1-2 minutes rest/water in between each lap. I run at 75% speed for flats/downhill + 110% up the hills. This will definitely help you train for a 10K.

    I like the "one time around" philosophy to avoid the daunting "oh no I still have another X miles to go." All I try to do is get through that lap knowing there's a rest ahead.

    Obviously each lap you go gets tougher and slower...that's the point. I've found that four laps do the trick, which is why I do the fifth to really kick my ass and whip me into shape.

    1. Sounds like a plan! I'm going to wait to take you up on this until after week 1 or 2 of training. I won't be able to keep up with you either way, but at that time I'll have a better chance!

  2. Walking isn't always a bad thing! :) I've recently started walking for a song, song and a 1/2 to get my legs warmed up before I start my run and I've noticed a dramatic difference in my overall run and mental toughness. Maybe try and manipulating your playlist to give you intense pump up songs to push you and up your speed a little bit and then slower jams for a cool down (interval training). Just some thoughts!

  3. Yesterday, my ab class teacher had a shirt on that I thought was pretty motivating. The front said, "I know I run like a girl." The back said, "Try to keep up."

    Hopefully it'll motivate you too. :)

    I also like using the "From the couch to 5k" workout to get me going!

  4. I have had a similar situation happen to me, however I was almost running to Starbucks for a chocolate chip cookie. :) I hate that even on days when you want to get in a good workout, sometimes your body is just not feeling it. Good luck!

  5. You're not alone silly! Since I'm a recovering chub-o I avoid the drive thru at all costs but that doesn't mean I don't keep ice cream in the freezer just in case. It happens. I had a really crappy BRICK workout this morning (it's a triathlon term meaning a bike ride followed immediately by a run which leads to your legs feeling like bricks, hence the name) and will probably eat something I shouldn't later. You're still working out and that's what matters. Training is hard but that's what makes it worth it.

    PS- I walk ALL THE TIME. It's not a bad idea actually. Have you heard of the Galloway method? Typically something like run a mile/walk a minute and that's how I gained a lot of my speed especially during longer races/runs because I could run faster knowing I'd get a little break. PLUS intervals burn more calories ;)

  6. Ohhhhhhhh that's me more often than not!! At least you're running, right?

  7. Ohhhh this happens to me! Sometimes I feel like I am running through mud and I HATE it. But I know that if I keep pushing on I can get through it. I just tell myself it is possible and keep going! You can do it!!

  8. I am not kidding you, I am supposed to go on a run right now and I decided to sit and read blogs instead... now I am going to go run.
    Thanks for the push. haha


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